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Increased Energy in Pregnancy

A pregnant woman begins the calmest and energetically filled period of gestation after a long period of toxic manifestations. It is distinguished by emotional uplift, good health, a surge of strength, and physical activity of the expectant mother. The level of endorphins rises and pregnancy ceases to feel like an easy task.

Increased energy can carry positive and some negative manifestations. For example, fatigue, excessive concern for order, and an irrational increase in physical activity. This reflects badly on the further well-being when a woman begins to feel the symptoms of burnout.

When Does Increased Energy Start in Pregnancy?

This symptom is not typical for pregnancy. It may not appear in its vivid manifestation. The second trimester marks the beginning of energy recovery. This is the time when the toxicosis has already ended, the stomach is not very big yet, and the mood and appetite are good.

A high rise in energy is typical for a few weeks before childbirth and immediately during the onset of labor. The level of endorphins at this moment increases so that the woman feels less pain.


The first signs of improvement in mood and a surge of energy are noted at the beginning of the second trimester at the 14th week of pregnancy. The entire second trimester of a woman in position is characterized as the most positive period of gestation. A surge of energy activity is observed until the 20th week.

Increased activity in the third trimester is typical for the 36th, 39th, and 40th weeks. Pregnant women begin to fuss, clean the house, and actively collect bags for the maternity hospital.

Increased Energy pregnancy weeks

When will it end?

Increased energy is not permanent. It appears in bursts that are caused by an increase in the level of endorphins, serotonin, and estrogen. A decline in energy is observed after the 20th week. Fatigue may appear at the end of the next rise in strength. An increase in energy is observed in the later stages of pregnancy and disappears after childbirth.

How Does Increased Energy Feels?

Increased energy in a positive manifestation is felt by a strong emotional upsurge, improved well-being, and a consistently good mood. A woman is less nervous and complains, she wakes up easily, and is physically active and cheerful. She has many plans, a positive attitude, and a beautiful appearance.


A vivid manifestation of increased energy is characterized by a sharp rise in mood, excessive physical activity, fussiness, waste of energy, and insomnia. A woman cannot sit still, she is preoccupied with cleanliness, household chores, and work. This state often ends in a breakdown.


A calmer manifestation of the symptom is not accompanied by a sharp and sudden surge of energy. The woman begins to feel better, she gets enough sleep and is in a good mood. There is no fatigue and problems with falling asleep.

Do not abuse high energy during pregnancy. This can lead to a sharp loss of strength.

Prevention methods

The presence of energy cannot be somehow predicted or corrected. It all depends on the level of hormones and the temperament of the woman, her habitual lifestyle, principles, and attitude to her position. An important factor is an environment and living conditions. A lot determines the presence of problems, including health. Consider the most obvious ways to prevent increased energy:

A strict regime of work and rest

Try not to recycle beyond the allotted time. Make a to-do list and mandatory rest times if you are a housewife. Strictly follow the prescribed regimen without allowing yourself to do anything more than planned. This will help structure and distribute your energy more adequately and prevent burnout.

Hormonal background

Do not allow a strong jump in hormones. Stimulants can be stress, increased emotional excitability, and a large number of sweets. Check the level of female hormones and undergo therapy before conception if necessary. You stabilize the bursts of energy, making them not spasmodic by reducing the factors that affect the hormonal background.

Proper fatigue

Practice methods to achieve proper fatigue. If there is a strong surge of energy, it must be directed in the right direction. Go in for sports: jogging, swimming, brisk walking. Do not try to do men’s duties, exceed the plan at work or conquer the tops of the mountains. Proper fatigue will allow you not to burn out, save energy reserves and spend it in moderation.

Why it happens in Pregnancy?

An increase in energy during pregnancy is observed after toxicosis passes. The woman is very tired, she eats poorly, weakens, and loses strength from his manifestations. Toxicosis adversely affects the well-being and psycho-emotional state. The body of a woman is filled with new forces when he is behind. She feels unencumbered by negative symptoms, light and positive.

The hormonal background returns to normal during this period. There is an increase in estrogen and endorphins. The appetite improves and the woman receives more nutrients. This contributes to a surge of strength and energy.

Emotional instability passes in the second trimester. Mood swings stop bothering the pregnant woman and she feels that she has a second wind.


It is impossible to fully protect yourself from an increase in energy because this process is uncontrollable. Nothing needs to be done if it manifests itself in a positive form. There are situations when a surge of energy leads to inappropriate behavior of a pregnant woman, excessive nesting, fussiness, and overexcitation. You need to use some simple ways to suppress energy in such a situation:

Limit sweets and coffee

It is necessary to reduce the use of products that stimulate the production of endorphins and the appearance of energy to reduce increased activity. Remove chocolate, coffee, cocoa, and other sweets from the diet. They create an artificial excess of energy and a false sense of good mood.

Plan your day

Act according to the plan of the day during energy surges. It should not be overfulfilled with new tasks. Try to spend energy deliberately and rationally. Make sure that time is filled not with quantitative achievements, but with qualitative results. Planning slightly reduces the goals of a pregnant woman overflowing with energy. The process does not become chronic.

Distribute energy

Make sure that your increased energy supply is distributed between mental work, the emotional sphere, and physical activity. Chances of burnout and earning a breakdown in this case are less. Versatile use of energy leads to pleasant fatigue at the end of the day, better sleep, and good health.


The reason for visiting a doctor during a period of increased energy is excessive excitability. The help of a specialist is required if the side effect is expressed in insomnia or difficulty and long falling asleep. Such a result can have an extremely negative impact on the health of a woman. Loss of sleep often leads to depressive disorders.

It is worth consulting a doctor if bursts of energy are often replaced by a strong breakdown. The same goes for emotional instability.

What Not to Do

The most important thing is not to use the period of increased energy to the fullest. Treat this symptom more adequately, understanding that it is temporary and the consequences can be impressive. Do not abuse it and try to solve all previously unsolved problems during this period.

Do not use gadgets before bed

Scrolling social media feeds, visiting Internet resources, and watching emotional films are bad companions for falling asleep. This increases the manifestation of the symptom of increased energy.

Do not overwork

Control your physical activity. It should be diluted with periods of rest, if possible with daytime sleep. Overwork is fraught with the loss of boundaries between the limits of permissible energy expenditure.

Avoid conflicts

Your nervous system is prone to overexcitation if you are at the peak of increased energy. Conflict situations and stressful situations should be avoided. This will reduce the risk of emotional burnout.

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