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Increased Sex Drive in Pregnancy

An increase in libido is one of the specific symptoms of some periods of gestation. Sexual attraction to a partner is stimulated by hormonal surges and active blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Many changes in libido are based on a psychological nature of origin: fear of harming a child, fear of losing a partner, rejection of body changes. The attraction to intimacy does not pose any threat to the fetus and the health of the mother. It has many positive results.

When Does Increased Sex Drive Start in Pregnancy?

Most women in position note this symptom at the end of the first trimester and in the second trimester of pregnancy. Less often, increased sexual desire manifests itself at the very beginning of pregnancy. Attraction decreases towards the end of the gestation period.

Sexual desire begins with the active production of estrogens and progesterone. They trigger the mechanisms of hypersensitivity and excitation.


Increased sexual drive is noted at the 2nd and 14th weeks according to surveys of pregnant women. This pleasant symptom may persist beyond the 14th week. Particular attraction to a partner was noted in the second trimester starting from the 17th week and up to the 27th.

All women are different and their sexual desire can increase in any of the weeks when favorable factors coincide. This is good health, long separation from a partner, boredom, and a hormonal surge.

Increased Sex Drive weeks

When will it end?

Sexual desire noticeably cools down after the 4th week of pregnancy. This is often associated with the onset of toxicosis. The woman does not feel well, she is tormented by nausea and vomiting. In times like these, there is no time for intimacy.

The libido of pregnant women is greatly reduced in the third trimester. This may be due to hormonal changes and the beginning of preparation for childbirth. The end of increased sexual desire is noticed after the 27th-29th week of pregnancy. The hormone prolactin begins to increase during this period and reduces libido.

How Does it Feel?

A woman feels a surge of positive sexual energy in moments of increased sexual desire. She is quickly and easily aroused and has a strong desire for intimacy with a partner. The genitals and breasts become more sensitive, and the secretion of lubrication into the vagina increases. A woman is distinguished by a good mood and attractiveness during a period of high libido.


A symptom in a vivid manifestation is expressed by an active desire for intimacy associated with rapid excitability. A woman feels irritability and dissatisfaction in the absence of contact. The number of acts of intimacy and their duration increase. There are many fantasies and thoughts about intimacy.


Libido does not cause excessive desire for sexual intercourse as a mild symptom. The pregnant woman feels the desire for intimacy a little brighter than usual. She notices an increase in the profusion of secretions when excited.

Increased sexual desire cannot harm the fetus or the expectant mother.

What are the benefits of increased sex drive?

Libido actively increases in women during gestation. It provokes sexual interest and helps to establish contact with a partner. Increased sex drive contributes to many positive outcomes. Sometimes low libido before pregnancy impairs family life and during pregnancy gives a new breath of energy.

Strengthening the relationship with a partner

Increased sexual desire establishes and strengthens the bond with your loved one. It connects you physically and mentally. Emotional contact and affection become stronger. A woman looks at her man in a completely different way. Feelings are refreshed and relationships move to a new stage.

Reducing stress

A woman feels more attractive, seductive, and loved during a period of increased libido. Making love reduces anxiety and stress levels. Mood improves, sleep normalizes, and levels of dopamine and endorphins increase. This period helps to love yourself and your partner even more than before. The feeling of satisfaction stimulates the nervous system and reduces the risk of depressive states.

Good health

It’s no secret that sex improves women’s health. It is not forbidden to engage in it during pregnancy, and in certain periods it is even prescribed by a doctor. It has been proven that pregnant women who made love during the gestation period give birth easier.

Increased libido inclines towards intimacy. It improves the elasticity of the vagina, normalizes blood flow, and oxygenates the internal organs of the small pelvis. The hormonal background and the psychological state of the woman are normalized.

Why Increased Sex Drive Occurs in Pregnancy?

Hormonal changes are the cause of increased sex drive at the beginning of pregnancy. High levels of progesterone make the genitals more sensitive. Estrogens stimulate the secretion of vaginal lubrication and a woman’s arousal.

Another reason for increased libido is increased blood flow to the pelvic organs. This makes the genitals especially receptive to touch and causes intense sensations during intercourse. Libido rises and the desire for intimacy grows stronger with each act.

An important role is given to psychological factors: boredom, a feeling of loneliness, and the need for affection and care. It is these sensations that most provoke intimacy with a partner. Sometimes a woman is very afraid that her man will lose interest in her because of her changing body. This inclines her to frequent sex during the gestation period.

Ways to reduce acute symptoms

There can be many unpleasant sensations and situations if the libido rises excessively. This happens if the husband is far away or the woman is lonely. There is an irritable feeling of dissatisfaction and problems with controlling emotions. Abstinence is not helpful in pregnancy. To avoid the consequences of acute symptoms, you can practice simple ways to reduce them:

Switching attention

You can try to reduce your libido by turning your attention to some other problem. These can be household issues, preparation for childbirth, or mastering a new profession. Easily engages in a new hobby. Engage in something more active to relieve excessive sexual energy. Do not fall into negativity, but try to distract your brain from thoughts about intimacy. Read more and walk outdoors.


Sexual activity is well relieved by physical activity. Go to the pool for swimming, do yoga, and do water aerobics for pregnant women. Increased muscle tone switches the brain and inhibits the active work of libido-provoking hormones. Direct excess energy in the right direction. Sport is exactly what you need for discipline and containment of emotions.

Erotic diet

Eliminate all factors that increase your excitability. Do not consume aphrodisiac products. Remove all literature related to sex and erotica. Do not watch romantic and erotic films. Do not touch on intimate topics and block the discussion of sex in communication with men. An erotic diet will keep your wild fantasies in check. This will reduce excitability and feelings of dissatisfaction.


It is recommended to consult a doctor if you have perverted sexual fantasies or distortions of sexual perception. It is necessary to seek help from a specialist when the symptoms of nymphomania progress. If you notice that almost all men have begun to attract you, you need qualified help.

The help of a specialist is needed in the absence of a sense of satisfaction that accompanies increased sexual activity. It will help to understand the causes and solve the problem.

What Not to Do

Increased sexual activity in itself is not dangerous. It cannot harm the mother or the unborn child. Some precautions should not be neglected. It is recommended not to forget about safety and take into account the peculiarity of your position during this period. What is not recommended to do with increased libido during the gestation period:

Casual sex

It is better not to engage in casual sex with unfamiliar men if you do not have a permanent partner or husband. It is better to abstain even when the sexual desire is very strong.

Use dangerous postures

Be careful with intimacy, especially if the belly is already very large. Remember that you have a child inside of you. Experiments with poses are best left for later.

Often abstain from sex

There must always come a moment of discharge of sexual energy. Do not hold yourself back if there are no problems with relationships, this can harm you. Sex during pregnancy is not prohibited.

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