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Itchy Belly in Pregnancy

An unpleasant sensation of irritation, tingling, and crawling under the skin on the abdomen is characteristic of pregnant women. The itching can be very intense and does not stop. Exhausting scratching does not bring relief. It seems to a pregnant woman that something is moving inside the deep skin. This causes a reflex desire to scratch the skin.

As a result, redness may form and traces of nails may remain. Itching is not a disease. This is a consequence of the strong growth of the uterus and stretching of the skin.

When Does Itchy Belly Start in Pregnancy?

The feeling of itching in the abdomen is observed in the third trimester of pregnancy. This is due to the strong tension of the skin, the maximum growth of the uterus, and the increase in the weight of the pregnant woman. This symptom can overtake already in the second trimester with multiple pregnancy.

The onset of itching under the skin is associated with the moment of greatest stretching and the inability to quickly adapt to skin changes.


Women in position talk about itching in the abdomen at the 34th and 38th weeks of pregnancy. This may happen sooner if there is excessive weight gain or if the pregnancy is multiple.

The abdomen grows more intensively and already after the 20th week, there is a strong tension in the skin in such situations.

Itchy Belly pregnancy weeks

When will it end?

Skin itching may disappear after the 38th week of pregnancy. This is the period at which the uterus reaches its maximum possible size. There will be no strong and sharp increase in the abdomen. The skin adapts to surface tension. Sometimes scars form in places of tissue ruptures. Stretch marks will not always appear with the itchy belly.

How Does it Feel?

An itchy belly is different from the usual symptom of irritable skin. It is the inner deep layers that are of concern. There is a sensation of stirring inside the skin layers. They are finely concentrated and similar to the touch of a pen. A woman experiences an unbearable desire to rub, comb, and remove the existing discomfort. Symptoms can be acute or mild.


Itching is pronounced, unbearable, and does not go away after scratching the skin. It spreads over almost all surfaces of the belly, especially standing out in local areas. The woman strongly scratches the top layer of the skin until redness appears.


Symptoms of mild itching of the abdomen are not permanent. It is felt softly, without strong irritation and unbearable burning sensation in the skin. The symptom disappears after simple self-help manipulations.

Itchy belly should not be accompanied by the appearance of rashes on the skin.

Prevention methods

General preventive measures for abdominal itching are aimed at increasing the elasticity of the skin of the body. This should be done at the stage of preparation for pregnancy. The denser the skin, the less it will show its sensitivity to surface tension. More specific ways to prevent itching in the abdomen are as follows:

Increase skin tone

This includes a group of exercises for the press, hips, and back. Well tones the surface of the skin swimming. It should be done regularly. Turgor supports contrast showers, breathing practices, and gymnastics. Well, keep skin tone yoga in the fresh air.


Internal support for the condition of the skin plays an important role in preventing itching. Eating seafood rich in omega-fatty acids works especially well. An excellent remedy that improves skin elasticity is fish oil. Eat more foods rich in vitamin E: sunflower seeds, nuts, avocados, spinach, and vegetable oils.

Liver cleansing

Sometimes liver problems are the cause of increased itching. Complete a course of body cleansing before conception. This will significantly reduce the secreted bilirubin and eliminate the symptoms of itchy skin. A large amount of bile can provoke spontaneous itching of the skin. Take care of your health in advance and cleanse the body.

Why Itchy Belly Occurs in Pregnancy?

The most obvious cause of an itchy belly is skin tightening. The skin does not have time to adapt to the increased load and is under severe stress. The woman feels it as an itch. It’s all because of the rapidly growing uterus.

A less common cause of abdominal itching is irritation. This may include uncomfortable, constricting clothing, the use of chemical detergents, or hot showers. These factors harm sensitive skin.

Sometimes the itching is caused by a violation of the outflow of bile. It may appear due to failures in the synthesis of estrogens or the mechanical pressure of the uterus on the bile ducts. The level of bilirubin in the blood rises and causes skin itching. Allergic reactions of a woman can provoke itching on the skin of the abdomen. Then this symptom will be accompanied by rashes and redness of the skin.


The skin is the largest organ of the body and requires special protection. This organ is most vulnerable during gestation. It is subjected to tremendous stress: hormonal imbalance, stretching, pressure, and allergic reactions. Remedies that can protect the skin from stretching and itching should be used from the first days of pregnancy. The main remedies of protection:

Soothing cream

Try to nourish and moisturize the skin when a symptom of itching in the abdomen appears. Lubricate the surface of the abdomen with a soothing cream after a shower. It should contain medicinal herbs: calendula, and chamomile. Perfectly copes with this task baby creams. They are created based on hypoallergenic components.

Aloe gel

Aloe plant gel perfectly relieves itching. It is 95% natural composition. You can try it as first aid for severe itching if you are not allergic to this plant. It perfectly relieves irritation and redness. The gel can be left in the refrigerator for a while and applied to the skin cold. Then its effect will be much greater.

Loose clothing

The oversized style will help reduce the mechanical friction of the skin of the abdomen. It is better to give preference to specialized clothing for pregnant women, especially for the lower torso. This will reduce the effect on the skin tissues and reduce symptoms. Don’t wear clothes that already fit you. Change the size in time so as not to squeeze the stomach and not provoke unnecessary discomfort.


It is imperative to consult a doctor if a rash of any kind appears. Itching of the abdomen as a symptom of pregnancy should not cause spots on the skin, swelling, or focal ulcers. The reason for this condition may be an infection, a severe allergy, or a consequence of a virus. Call your doctor right away if your rash gets worse after showering and scratching.

What Not to Do

Do not forget that the skin is a sensitive indicator of the state of internal organs. Any deviations from the norm cannot be ignored by you. Itching of the abdomen is a special symptom that is difficult to confuse with another during the gestation period. Do not escalate the situation and do not panic ahead of time. Itching is not a disease, but only a consequence of strong skin tension.

Don’t take a hot shower

Hot water gives a feeling of imaginary relief, but it irritates the skin even more. The itching will intensify and become even more unbearable.

Do not use a hard washcloth

Rubbing with a hard washcloth can harm the skin, making this organ even more vulnerable to external factors.

Don’t scratch

Try not to intensively comb the places of the greatest itching. This will lead to redness and injury to the skin. Use stroking motions with the palm of your hand.

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