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Missed Period in Pregnancy

One of the first signs of pregnancy is a missed period. This is the absence of menstrual bleeding after the 35th day of the cycle. The release of blood every month is due to the rejection of the endometrium of the uterus. It occurs in the absence of a fertilized egg. There is no menstrual bleeding during pregnancy.

Delayed menstruation may have other reasons. But if you are expecting a baby, getting ready, and trying to conceive, then most likely the cause of such a symptom is pregnancy.

When Does Missed Period Start in Pregnancy?

The suspension of the menstrual cycle will occur with successful fertilization and there will be a delay in menstruation. The endometrium of the uterus will not be rejected and the body will begin to produce hCG to preserve the fetus. This time can be considered the beginning of the first trimester of pregnancy. Delayed menstruation is no longer mentioned when confirming the fact of fertilization.


The delay in menstruation is typical for the 3rd week after conception. It is during this period that a woman begins to use pregnancy tests.

A delay at this time may already indicate a presumptive pregnancy. The absence of menstruation without additional testing and analysis cannot be an indisputable sign of pregnancy.

Missed Period weeks

When can a missed period be considered a pregnancy?

Each doctor is guided by his understanding of the guarantees of pregnancy. Some argue that a delay of more than 5 days may already indicate a possible conception. Most experts still insist that a delay of 10 or more days can be considered pregnancy. A delay can only indicate pregnancy if unprotected intercourse has taken place. The reasons for the cycle failure may be different if it was not.

How Does it Feel?

A missed period during pregnancy is accompanied by a feeling of irritability, anxiety, and tearfulness. A woman feels pulling pains in the lower abdomen, but menstruation does not occur. Breasts are sometimes filled from the first days of conception. Symptoms can be easily confused with signs of PMS. Feelings can be acute or mild.


In an acute form, a pregnant woman feels pulling pains in the lower back, poor health, and sometimes nausea. There is emotional instability. The mammary glands are enlarged. There is a lot of mucus on the underwear. On the expected date of menstruation and after it, bleeding does not occur.


The missed period to a mild degree does not manifest itself at all or is distinguished by subtle symptoms similar to premenstrual syndrome. The woman does not feel pain in the abdomen and chest. She feels good.

To call a missed period pregnancy, you need to do 2-3 tests that will show a positive result.

How do distinguish a delay from pregnancy?

Women without experience often confuse a simple delay in menstruation with pregnancy. This can happen due to unpreparedness and lack of adequate sex education. A delay in menstruation may be for other reasons: stress, medication, surgery, or climate change. Here are examples of simple differences between normal delay and pregnancy:

Failure of the menstrual cycle

You can talk about pregnancy if your cycle has always been regular before, lasted about 28 days, and ovulation occurred on the 14-15th day. You are more likely to be pregnant if you have not had your period for more than 5-10 days. A delay can be considered pregnancy if there were no health problems, operations, or heavy medications. Of course, if there was intimacy during the period of ovulation.


There may be scanty bleeding during pregnancy. Sometimes women confuse them with menstruation. These discharges are not like menstruation. They are weakly colored, more liquid, and slimy. This happens when the embryo is implanted in the uterus.

A woman feels increased irritability, which previously passed with the onset of menstruation. The mammary glands are filled differently than with menstrual syndrome: they are heavier and more painful.

Positive test

The test will not show a positive result with a normal delay. The test will confirm pregnancy if the delay is more than 5-10 days. The absence of menstruation for other reasons will give a negative test result. It is not advisable to do a pregnancy test before a delay. A positive test is a reliable confirmation of fertilization in the absence of health problems and the expectation of pregnancy.

Why Does it happen during Pregnancy

Hormonal changes are the reason for the delay in menstruation, as a result of which the body begins to work differently.

After the onset of conception, the hormone hCG (chorionic gonadotropin) is actively produced. Its action is aimed at maintaining pregnancy. It prevents the maturation of the egg in the next cycle. As a result, there is no rejection of the endometrium of the uterus with subsequent menstrual bleeding.

HCG is necessary for the synthesis of the main hormones: estrogen and progesterone. The presence of hCG indicates a successful onset of fertilization. This hormone stops the menstrual cycle. There is a redirection of the work of the female genital organs. The process of division of the fertilized egg begins, with the growth and development of the embryo.

All of the above processes occur during a period of delay which, after positive test results and examinations, is called pregnancy.

What to do with a delay in menstruation?

Wait a few days if you notice a missed period. Pregnancy can be suspected if there is no menstruation 5-7 days after the expected date. It is worth knowing in advance what actions to take in the first place. Do not worry ahead of time if the pregnancy is not planned or, on the contrary, long-awaited. Your actions in case of a missed period:

Do a test

Take a pregnancy test to exclude pathology, health problems, and other causes of delay. It will allow you to determine whether you are in a position or not. Your further actions directly depend on this. It is better to repeat the test at home several times. Do the test in the morning following the instructions on the package.

Suspend intimacy

It is better to refrain from intimacy while delaying the menstrual cycle. This will help ensure the safety of pregnancy in the early stages. Just in case, warn your partner that you can’t have sex for the time being. It is better to wait for a little even if you did not plan to become pregnant. To make sure it exists.

Go to the doctor

It is better to consult a doctor after the 10th day of delay. Especially if you took a test and it turned out positive. A trip to the doctor is still necessary if you did not do the test. It is necessary to exclude an ectopic pregnancy and the presence of pathologies during fertilization.

The doctor will always ask the question of maintaining or terminating the pregnancy. Get ready for it. Decide in advance on your decision because this is a serious step.


It is better to contact the doctor as soon as possible if there is a delay of more than 10 days and the test shows a negative result. Perhaps the reason for the delay is not pregnancy, but more serious health problems. It is recommended to visit a doctor if there is meager bleeding during the expected period. Especially if they do not look like the usual menstrual bleeding.

What Not to Do

The delay is alarming for any woman who has an active sex life. Young couples who are not yet strong enough to create a family are protected during sex and are in no hurry to have children. Habitual life priorities often break down when a delay occurs. The woman begins to panic and is afraid to report the problem to her beloved. Here are a few tips on what not to do when a delay occurs:

Do not take medications to start menstruation

Often a woman is sure that she is not pregnant with constantly protected intercourse. She may start treatment to restore the cycle with a long delay. This will harm the fetus.

Do not provoke a miscarriage

Even if you’re not expecting a baby, it’s best to see a doctor before doing anything to make the pregnancy fail. This can hurt you a lot.

A blood test for hCG is a confirmation of pregnancy

Home tests can give false positive results. There are other reasons for the delay as well. Hand over analysis before rejoicing at pregnancy.

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