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Pregnancy Dreams in Pregnancy

Sleep is extremely necessary and important during the gestation period. It helps to restore strength, improve well-being and renew cells. Hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman affect brain function during sleep. Processed information received during the day can provoke very vivid, emotional, disturbing, and sometimes scary dreams.

Pregnancy dreams visualize all the biggest fears of a woman in the position. This is a possible miscarriage, death of a newborn, pain during childbirth, problems with breastfeeding, and so on. The more a pregnant woman worries, the more disturbing her dreams become.

When Do Pregnancy Dreams Start in Pregnancy?

The first appearance of pregnancy dreams is seen in the middle of the first trimester. Dreams that disturb the expectant mother appear sporadically in the second and third trimesters. Often the nature of dreams depends on the emotions experienced: the first ultrasound, bad blood tests, an inaccurately dropped phrase from a doctor or loved ones.


Exciting vivid dreams disturb the pregnant woman in the 8th week. More disturbing and emotional dreams visit a woman at the 17th week of pregnancy.

They can be repeated and have a plot. Frequent nightmares for women in the third trimester: at the 32nd and 38th weeks. They will be associated with the fear of the upcoming birth.

Pregnancy Dreams pregnancy weeks

When will it end?

Pregnancy dreams are not always permanent. They periodically cease to disturb the woman. Breaks between disturbing dreams can be several weeks or even months. Dreams may stop bothering a pregnant woman after the 17th week. Nightmares most often go away after the 38th week. Everything entirely depends on the emotional sensitivity of the woman and her inner experiences.

How Does it Feel?

A woman during gestation feels that her dreams have become colorful, vivid, very rich, and emotional. She begins to feel pain during dreams, smells, and tastes. It’s like a new dimension in she gets during the night’s rest. Her body may be covered with cold sweat during frightening dreams. She wakes up in tears and with a racing heart.


Pregnancy dreams in an acute form are more negative. The brain projects all the fears of a woman, turning them into real pictures. A woman sees in a dream everything that she is most afraid of during pregnancy.


The symptom is mildly manifested by simple harmless dreams about pregnancy. A woman sees and feels how she is breastfeeding a newborn baby. She dreams about how she sings a lullaby, plays with a baby, or dresses him.

Pregnancy dreams are just a visualization of your experiences and emotions.

Prevention methods

Positive dreams about pregnancy do not pose any emotional danger to a woman what cannot be said about negatively-minded and nightmare dreams. They can significantly disrupt sleep patterns and increase anxiety. Excessive excitement and stress will adversely affect the development of the baby. Practice ways to prevent dreams about pregnancy:

Information diet

It is difficult not to run into negativity with free access to the Internet and various sources of information. Try to filter everything you read, watch and hear.

Accept exclusively positive information about childbirth and pregnancy. Do not watch television, and do not listen to people who like to pour out their negativity. An information diet normalizes the emotional state and reduces the risk of nightmares about pregnancy.


It is better to undergo a course of psychotherapy with an acute manifestation of symptoms that begin to affect your real life. This will help you work through your emotions. You will understand the cause of your nightmares and negative dreams. The psychotherapist will talk to you about all the exciting questions and teach you several techniques to get rid of the negative.

Rest and distraction

Try to rest if you have too many negative emotions and thoughts about pregnancy. Distract yourself by reading books, and visiting theaters, concerts, and exhibitions. Keep your brain busy all day long. Let him process only interesting and positive information. Avoid extreme fatigue. It provokes negative dreams. Be alone with yourself less often. Prioritize communication with others.

Why Pregnancy Dreams Occur?

Like most symptoms during gestation, pregnancy dreams appear along with hormonal surges. The active production of progesterone prevents the body from relaxing. A woman feels great tension, emotional instability, and excessive sentimentality.

The internal state of a pregnant woman is reflected in the work of the brain. It synchronizes all the emotions experienced during the day and projecting them into dreams. A woman will see good and pleasant dreams about pregnancy, experiencing only positive. If the expectant mother feels fear of childbirth and the fear of not coping with responsibility, then she will be tormented by nightmares.

A woman during pregnancy is more vulnerable mentally. All this is reflected in her dreams. Dreams reflect what is most filled with a woman’s life when carrying a child.

What to do if you have a scary pregnancy dream?

Pregnant women are most concerned about terrible dreams and nightmares about pregnancy. They sometimes reach absurd and fantastic plots. A woman may dream that she gave birth to a small creature of unearthly appearance or an animal. Often pregnant women dream of the death of a child, its mutation, or morphosis. Use our tips in situations where you had a bad dream:

Take a break

It is better not to try to fall asleep immediately if a nightmare about pregnancy woke you up in the middle of the night. This may cause the plot to continue. This phenomenon is very common during the gestation period. Take a little break. Drink hot herbal tea with honey, look out the window, and distract your brain with something positive.

Practice good sleep hygiene

Take a walk outside before bed. Take a warm shower. Don’t look at your phone screen or scroll through social media. Avoid watching the news and emotional films. Be sure to go to bed no later than 23:00. The sleeping area must be well ventilated beforehand. Such elementary measures will help to make sleep deeper and stronger. They relieve discomfort and normalize the psyche.


It perfectly helps to get rid of negativity and sedimentary feelings after a nightmare. Turn on special therapeutic music, close your eyes and immerse yourself in a state of peace.

Try not to remember the horror that you dreamed about. Direct your consciousness to pleasant childhood memories, the best and warmest moments of youth. A comfortable posture of relaxation and meditative music will help to direct the flow of thoughts correctly.


You need to consult a doctor if nightmares and negatively tuned dreams bother you all the time. They ruin your sleep pattern and lead to emotional instability and excessive anxiety. All these feelings can easily drag you into a psychological trap from which it will be difficult to get out. It is better to turn to a psychotherapist for help if you begin to confuse dreams with reality. Taking nightmares too seriously is dangerous.

What Not to Do

pregnancy dreams are always very realistic. They are filled with such graphic variety that it is easy to take them too close to heart. Especially when you wake up and at the physical level feel all the emotions experienced in a dream. Your heart rate may increase, your skin may sweat, a lump may appear in your throat, and tears may appear on your cheeks. What exactly should not be done after such dreams:

Take sleeping pills or sedatives

This can harm the development of the fetus. The effectiveness of these drugs in the fight against nightmares has not been proven. The placebo effect may work in this situation.


Do not focus on a dream, no matter what you dream. Take a break. Don’t tell your loved ones. This will help you forget the dream as soon as possible.

Believe in prophetic dreams

The dream that you have during pregnancy is a mirror image of your experiences and nothing more. Don’t put him on a pedestal of prophecy. The future does not depend on what you dream about.

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