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Round Ligament Pain in Pregnancy

The round ligament is responsible for holding the uterus inside the lower abdomen. There are no problems while the uterus is of normal size. It increases significantly and stretches the round ligament during pregnancy. It causes a short sharp pain with any careless movement.

Sometimes pain in the round ligament is provoked by completely harmless actions: coughing, sneezing, laughing. Such pain is considered a normal symptom of pregnancy. It does not signal the presence of serious problems, but it must be able to distinguish it from other types of pain. The main difference is that it is short, sudden, and occurs after a sharp movement.

When Does Round Ligament Pain Start in Pregnancy?

Pain in the round ligament begins during a period of strong growth of the uterus. The ligament stretches and becomes thinner, losing its former ability to hold the uterus in the desired position. Such a specific sudden pain overtakes a pregnant woman at the beginning and the end of the second trimester. Strong growth of the uterus and increased sensitivity of the ligament is noticeable during this period.


Sudden and sharp pain in the abdomen appears at the 14th and 27th weeks of pregnancy. The ligament stretches the most at this time.

The symptoms of the 14th week will be brighter than the 27th. The body and all its systems become more adaptive to late gestation and this problem is no longer observed.

Round Ligament Pain pregnancy weeks

When will it end?

Round ligament pain subsides after 24 weeks. It will sometimes appear in cases of sudden changes in position or sprains in the hips. This pain should be completely gone after 27 weeks. If similar symptoms are observed in the third trimester, then the cause is other health problems or the onset of labor.

How Round Ligament Pain Feels during Pregnancy?

Pain in the round ligament is felt as a sharp and sharp spasm in the lower abdomen and closer to the sides. This pain hinders movement when changing body position. More often sensations are localized on the right. This is because the uterus is stretched and slightly rotated to the right. There is an acute and mild manifestation of the symptom.


A woman feels very fast and sharp pain from both sides of the abdomen with acute symptoms. It is difficult for a pregnant woman to keep moving. She feels tension and a strong constriction inside her abdomen. Such pain will be acute but short-lived.


Mild symptoms of pain in the round ligament will also be short-term and quickly passing. They appear unpredictably and usually during a rollover during sleep. The pain is similar to menstrual pain. Cause a feeling of tension and pressure in the lower abdomen closer to the sides.

Learn to distinguish round ligament pain from other types of pain. She is harmless!

Prevention methods

It is difficult to completely avoid pain in the round ligament due to the structural features of the internal genital organs of a woman. Some measures will help to significantly reduce the sensation of the symptom and its occurrence. Particular attention to preventive measures should be given to physical fitness before pregnancy. Consider in more detail some preventive measures for pain:


One of the most effective measures to prevent injury, sprains, and pain is to train the muscles and ligaments. Gymnastics helps in this best of all. Place special emphasis on exercises for the hip joints and muscles. Yoga and Pilates are great. Do these sports before and during pregnancy if there are no contraindications. The pain will be much less frequent.

Avoid prolonged static

A sedentary lifestyle entails a lot of unpleasant consequences that affect health. This applies to the condition of the muscles and ligaments. Try not to stay in the same position for a long time. Change it every 15-20 minutes. Be sure to dilute sedentary work with a short walk. This method will help to avoid circulatory disorders and maintain muscle tone.

Get plenty of fluids and omega acids

The condition of the ligaments and muscles is largely determined by the amount of fluid in the woman’s body. It should be enough to power all organs and systems. The lack of water in the body dries up the ligaments and muscles.

Omega acids provide elasticity to tissues. Sufficient use of these nutritional components will improve the condition of the skin, ligaments, blood vessels, and muscles. This solves a lot of health problems.

Why Dizziness Occurs in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy itself is the cause of round ligament pain. The immediate culprit is the uterus. It grows a lot and stretches the round ligament that connects the groin to the front of the uterus. This causes severe and sharp pain. They are aggravated during a change of position, careless movement, and sometimes coughing or sneezing.

Pain occurs due to strong tension, rupture of adjacent nerve fibers, and the resulting tension inside the abdomen. The appearance of pain has a mechanical origin. Indirectly, this is affected by progesterone, stimulating the growth and development of the child inside the mother.

Provoking factors that cause more severe pain may be multiple pregnancies, overweight mothers, or previous genital surgery.


There are some remedies for round ligament pain. They are aimed at suppressing the symptom, preventing it, or easing it in an acute form. Check with your doctor before using these methods. He must approve any manipulations related to you and the child. Remedies for pain in the round ligament:


A special bandage or belt for pregnant women is recommended to be worn if there is discomfort or severe pain during the gestation period. It supports the abdomen in the correct position and helps the ligaments in the work of holding the uterus. Bandage, belt, or corset must be specialized. They must be used exclusively for their intended purpose.


You can take a course of physiotherapy with the frequent occurrence of pain in the round ligament. A specialist in this area will select exercises that are right for you. They will be safe and effective. The result will give a quick positive effect. The duration of sessions and their number is determined individually.

Change of position

A quick fix for round ligament pain is a change of position. Try to lie on the side from which you do not feel pain. Changing position will relieve tension from the ligaments and reduce pain. Stop if the pain catches you while walking. It is better to sit or lie down if possible. Rest is an excellent remedy for such pains inside the abdomen.


The help of a doctor will be needed if the pain is too strong, intense, and prolonged. It’s a bad sign when they last a few minutes. Perhaps the reason is not in the round ligament. Pain should not be accompanied by fever and bleeding. Consult a doctor when sharp pains inside the abdomen appear intermittently. This could be the start of labor.

What Not to Do

It is worth avoiding self-medication during the gestation period. You need to understand what actions are safe for pain in the round ligaments. Any manipulation can harm the baby in the womb. Do not ignore visits to the doctor for a better understanding of pain. Several prohibitions must be observed for pain in the round ligament:

Don’t take painkillers

Medicines that suppress pain have a strong effect on the body. Their mechanism of action can harm the fetus, especially in the early stages.

Don’t take hot baths

This is a common mistake pregnant women make when they are advised to keep warm as a way to combat stomach pain. A hot bath can cause a miscarriage.

Do not overload

Do not overwork physically during periods of pain. This can intensify the sensations. Rest is the best remedy for pain

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