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How Much Does a Baby Crib Cost?

Parents want to buy everything necessary for a comfortable life for the baby before his birth. One of the most important purchases is a crib. Parents often jokingly call it a children’s fortress. The crib at the same time becomes a place for sleeping, resting, and leisure for the baby.

The first baby crib is designed for a minimum of two years of use. This means that the purchase should not be taken lightly. There are many types of products on the market today. Parents often get lost because of the huge range of cribs and make a choice based on visual parameters.

Functionality and comfort for the baby are important in a crib. The child will feel cheerful and joyful if he is provided with a comfortable sleep. Resting on an orthopedic mattress guarantees the proper development of the baby’s musculoskeletal system.

Average Cost of Baby Crib

Prices for children’s furniture range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The cost of the crib depends on the material, the presence of decor, and design features. The average price for an economy class crib is $100 – $150.

A designer, multifunctional crib costs upwards of $1,000. You can buy quality furniture at sales. Shops hold promotions during the holidays. Thus, it will be possible to save on children’s furniture by obtaining a high-quality model.

How to Choose a Baby Crib?

You will have to change several beds until the child grows up. The crib for the newborn remains the most reverent purchase. The baby needs to be protected. It is important to choose furniture made from ecological materials: natural wood, water-based varnishes, with textile inserts.

The best materials for the manufacture of children’s furniture are beech, alder, ash, and birch. Such cribs are durable and resistant to scratches, and dents. Models with depth regulation are popular.

Comfortable bed-transformers. Parents buy models with a pendulum mechanism for newborns. It is easy to swing the baby in them. The need for a rocking chair disappears over time. Detaching the pendulum mechanism allows you to save on the purchase of new children’s furniture.


Quality furniture is not cheap. Wooden cribs sell for $200-$450 on average. Combined plastic and metal models cost $150-180. Transformer cribs that perform the functions of an arena can be bought for up to $ 150.


You can’t save on the quality of a child’s crib. The best choice would be a model made of wood. It is important to pay attention to the covering of the crib. Cheap varnishes and paints can vaporize harmful carcinogens. The mattress for a crib should be springless with a natural filler made of coconut or buckwheat fiber.


Parents share their experience in operating a particular crib model on social networks, forums, and online store pages. The opinions of users do not always coincide, but with the help of comments, it is easier to narrow down the choice of several models.


Selection advice can be given by specialists working in furniture stores. Recommendations are better than reviews because the manager knows about the features of the material, characteristics, advantages of the model, etc.


For the production of children’s furniture, wood is often used. It is a natural, durable, ecological material. The market offers models made of durable plastic and metal. Forged cribs made of twisted metal rods look original. Such furniture is heavy, stable, and durable.


Classic cribs can have several height levels, a removable side, a pendulum device, wheels, and regular legs. Transformer cribs are easy to modify into a bed for a child up to three years old.

The playpens have soft sides and mesh inserts. It is easier for parents to observe the baby. These cribs are easy to fold for transport. Playpens can be taken to nature and the hotel. The child will stay in a familiar safe place so it is easier for him to fall asleep and play on his own.


It’s not just about materials. It is important to pay attention to the distance between the slats. The opening should be small so that the baby cannot stick his head between the wings. It is worth checking for sharp corners. The manufacturer must provide a product quality certificate.

The presence of a bottom adjustment will protect the baby from the age of six months when the child begins to sit on his own. He will not be able to roll over the side. The bottom made of lamellas has orthopedic properties. Plenty of air space allows you to quickly ventilate the mattress.

Additional features

Cribs with drawers are popular among mothers. It is convenient to store children’s underwear, toys, and clothes in them. Models with canopies allow you to hide the baby from the bright sun, and insects. The child is not distracted by external noise and falls asleep faster.

Shape and color

The traditional shape of a children’s crib remains rectangular. The standard furniture size is 120/60 cm. It is possible to buy an enlarged crib 140/80 cm in round or oval shape. Manufacturers create peach, pink, blue, and green furniture.

Cost of Used Baby Crib and Should You Buy it?

A baby crib is an indispensable purchase. Often parents do not save on its acquisition. Moms are debating whether to invest in expensive furniture. Toddlers grow quickly and do not have time to spoil the cradle. A used crib in many cases completely retains its aesthetic appearance.

The negative side of the acquisition includes the need to disinfect the children’s mattress and protective bumpers. Sometimes there are dust mites that cause allergic reactions. Mattresses for children have the function of remembering the shape of the child. There may be characteristic dents. It is not safe for the development of the infant’s musculoskeletal system.

It is beneficial for parents to buy a used crib and new bedding in this case. Used furniture often costs half as much as new.

Buying Baby Crib Under $200

A good baby crib can be purchased for less than $200. Online stores, marketplaces, and international trading platforms offer a large selection of budget furniture. Cribs in this price range are made of wood (New Zealand pine).

The cribs have two to four mattress height positions. The older the baby, the lower the bottom is lowered. Many cribs are equipped with a teething guide (food-grade PVC inserts). This additional option will protect the baby from getting wood into his mouth.

The stationary drop-down side makes it easy for the mom to take care of the baby. The price of the cribs includes a mattress with a cover. The eco-fiber is used to make the inner part of the mattress. Cribs in the price range of under $200 have the necessary comfort and safety features for the baby.

Recommend Options for Baby Cribs Price Under $500

Most families plan to purchase a baby crib in the $200-$500 range. You will be able to purchase multifunctional children’s furniture in this price segment made from natural materials. Models 3 in 1, and 4 in 1 fully justify their cost.

These are classic cribs suitable for children from birth to three or four years old. Several levels of depth are enough for a baby up to 24 months. The model can be rebuilt into a regular crib for a child of 3-4 years.

Some children’s cribs in the price segment under $500 are equipped with a pendulum mechanism and removable wheels. The baby is easier to rock with the help of the mechanism and the load on the mother is reduced. The wheels allow you to move the crib around the room. Models of baby cribs under $500 are made in various designs and colors. You can find pink and emerald furniture in addition to the classic whites and browns.

Most Expensive Baby Cribs And Their Features

Expensive children’s furniture differs from the usual exquisite design and additional features. Cribs manufactured by Cencio (price from $1,500) are equipped with an automatic rocking system, soft blue lighting, and a video surveillance system.

Premium cribs are equipped with an air circulation control system. The child is provided with a cool microclimate in the hot season. Emily’s DaVinciBaby cribs ($9,900) come with railings. It is easier for a child to learn to walk and there is no risk of injury from a fall. The model is developed taking into account strict requirements for the safety of the kid.

The most expensive cribs (over $20,000) are stylized as carriages of princesses and cartoon characters. The beds are made of expensive wood species (cedar, mahogany), equipped with a decorative canopy made of vines, large wheels, a leather seat, and a round mattress.

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