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Breast Pump Price

Expectant mothers imagine during pregnancy how they will swaddle, bathe, and feed the baby. Not always the expectations of the mother regarding breastfeeding are justified. Babies often do not take the breast, women feel acute pain or have abundant lactation. In this case, you cannot cope without a breast pump.

This is a special device for expressing milk. It is easy to establish or support breastfeeding with it during lactation crises. Breast pumps are divided into mechanical and electrical. Efforts must be made to bring the mechanical device into action. Much easier to use electronic devices.

Manual breast pumps are cheaper and electric ones are more expensive. A pumping device is usually needed only in the first few months after the baby is born. Choosing a breast pump depends on the needs and budget of the mother. There are single and double breast pumps on the market.

Average Breast Pump Price

The cost of a breast pump depends on many factors. The price is affected by the type of device (mechanical, electrical), case material, and availability of additional options. Mechanical breast pumps with minimal functionality cost between $25 – $30. Such devices are compact, they can be taken for a walk with a child.

Single electric breast pumps cost $45 – $50 on average. The device allows you to express milk quickly and painlessly. The devices operate quietly and are easy to clean under running water. The cost of a double breast pump varies between $80 – $450. The devices have several modes of operation and provide comfortable pumping.

How to Choose Breast Pumps?

A breast pump greatly simplifies the life of the mother and baby. Manufacturers offer many varieties of the device. Sometimes it is difficult for a mother to decide on the type of device.

The mechanical breast pump is extremely easy to use. A vacuum effect is created between the cone of the device and the nipple. The device is driven by a piston. Mechanical breast pumps operate silently and do not require electricity. The downside is the laborious and lengthy process of decanting.

Electric breast pumps need a power source (mains, battery). Devices allow you to quickly express milk without the risk of injury to the nipples. When choosing a breast pump, other parameters are taken into account.


Quality breast pumps can’t be too cheap. The average price of the device is $30 – $80. These are simple models with limited functionality. Cheap devices fail quickly.

Failure of the pump or piston mechanism leads to a malfunction of the device. Too cheap devices quickly lose their appearance: the glass on the milk collector darkens and becomes covered with small cracks.


This is a priority criterion when choosing devices for mothers and babies. The breast pump must be made of safe plastic. Milk storage containers are made of anti-shock glass or food-grade silicone. High-quality breast pumps provide the possibility of replacing components.


You can find communities of young mothers on social networks. Women share their experience of using a particular model of the breast pump. Users leave feedback on the sites of online stores under the products of popular brands.


It is better to ask your gynecologist-obstetrician for recommendations on the use of a breast pump. Every case of breastfeeding problems is unique. The doctor will recommend a milk suction device for temporary and permanent use.

Single or double

A single breast pump is used if there is a need to express milk from time to time. Double allows you to completely express milk from both mammary glands in a few minutes. This type of device is suitable for working mothers who cannot feed their babies throughout the day.

Milk storage containers

More expensive models of breast pumps are equipped with an additional container for storing milk. These can include bottles to store in the refrigerator and freezer bags for breast milk.

Several operating modes

The presence of several modes of operation facilitates the process of emptying the breast. Women immediately after childbirth feel discomfort during pumping. A gentle mode of operation will save mom from pain in her chest. The increased speed of the device allows you to express milk in a few minutes.

Additional functions

LCD screen with easy-to-use buttons allows you to select the optimal operating mode of the device. Expensive breast pumps operate in several modes and have additional phases. The device works in an increased rhythm during the stimulation phase, initiating the production of milk. This stage can be skipped by mothers who have good lactation.

Should You Ever Buy a Used Breast Pump?

Sometimes there is a temporary need for the device until lactation is established. It is advantageous to purchase a breast pump that has been used in such cases.

Buying a used device is beneficial when a woman is confident in its performance. It is worth buying a breast pump if the seller can provide a guarantee that the device is working. Instrument parts wear out over time. Even used brand-name products can quickly become unusable.

It is profitable to buy clinical breast pumps. The devices are powerful and you can buy a new set of parts for them. Used parts of the device must be washed under running water with detergent before use, and then placed in hot water for 10-15 minutes.

Buying Breast Pump Under $100

Shops and marketplaces offer plenty of options for budget breast pumps under $100. You can buy a manual and electric device in this price category. The devices are compact, easy to transport, and made of food-grade plastic and silicone. Mom can be sure that the baby will receive safe food.

Manufacturers offer single electric breast pumps in the price range up to $100. They are practical and operate with minimal noise. The set includes additional bottles, caps, and stands. Among the manufacturers producing budget hand and electric devices are Philips, Medela Harmony, Chicco, etc.

Recommend Options for Breast Pump Price Under $200

Most moms buy a breast pump for under $200 because they want a quality product. They will be able to find a multifunctional device model in this price segment. Milk pumping devices costing up to $ 200 are distinguished by increased functionality, additional features, and the availability of spare parts.

The manufacturer Medela offers high-performance electric breast pumps. They run on batteries without noise. Milk can be expressed from both mammary glands in a short time. This is a good device for working mothers.

Breast pumps from the Philips brand under $200 have soft nozzles that protect the breast from injury and adapt to the shape of the nipple. The milk suction technology resembles the sucking of a baby at the breast, it completely empties the gland. Mom thus improves lactation and there is no risk of mastitis. More expensive breast pumps are sold complete with spare nozzles, bottles, accessories, and storage bags.

Most Expensive Breast Pumps And Their Features

The most expensive breast pumps are high-performance electronic two-phase devices. They imitate the sucking movements of a baby, stimulating a rapid flow of milk. There is no risk of injury to the nipples, or stagnation of milk in the glands. It is possible to express milk from both breasts in a short time.

Expensive breast pumps are tailored to the individual needs of the user. Extra pacifiers for newborns and older babies are provided with premium devices. There is no need to pour milk after pumping. Expensive devices additionally perform breast massage. Electric breast pumps operate at a minimum noise level.

Premium devices have flexible parts. They can be washed in the dishwasher. Expensive breast pumps are powerful and compact. They are easy to transport in a special bag. This is convenient for mothers who move a lot with the baby or pump at the office.

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