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Vacation Nanny

Turquoise water, bright sun, white sand beaches, and absolute peace. What mother does not dream of going on such a vacation at least once a year to gain physical and moral strength. Traveling is not easy for couples with young children. It’s even harder to relax with kids.

Sometimes young children do not perceive a change of scenery well. They are afraid of unusual landscapes. Many mothers complain that it is difficult to feed their children on vacation and put them to bed. Some babies get used to the home environment and take a long time to adapt to new housing, food, and the rhythm of the day.

It is even more difficult to plan an active holiday with kids. Scuba diving, climbing mountains, and rafting down the river with children will not work. The solution for many families is hiring a vacation nanny. The children will be under reliable supervision and the parents will be able to relax.

Average Cost of Vacation Nanny Services?

The cost of a vacation babysitter depends on many factors: the number of children, their age, assigned duties, the duration of the vacation, etc. The services of experienced nannies with recommendations are valued more. The average cost of babysitting services is $15-25 per hour. Female workers who have a pedagogical education and completed first aid courses earn an average of $23 an hour.

The hourly wage increases if there are several children in the family. You will have to pay extra for the second and third child (on average, plus $ 5-10 per hour for each child). Looking after three children while on vacation can cost several hundred dollars a day.

When to Consider Hiring Vacation Nanny

Parents just change the scenery by going on vacation with young children. They still have to run after fidgets, and entertain and calm them only outside the house. Partners will not be able to get the attention from each other that they expected. You will not be able to fully go on a date or a party.

Many children report feeling neglected by their parents while on vacation. Some hotels offer children’s rooms or babysitting staff. Leaving babies for an hour or two will not be a problem, but it will not replace full-fledged child care. It is worth using the services of a professional babysitter to keep the children safe. Specialist help is needed if parents want to receive:

The opportunity to be together

It is necessary to constantly work on relationships so that life together will please both partners. Parents need to find time for romantic dates, walks, and excursions. It is not easy to enjoy even dinner with a partner in the company of children.

Babysitting services will become indispensable in this case. It is easier for parents to relax when they are confident in the safety of their children. Family dinners with babysitting allow you to take a break from the usual routine. A professional nanny will help feed the smallest children and organize leisure activities for older children.

Provide children with a daily routine

Traveling in cars and flying on planes exhausts kids. It is especially difficult for children to travel to a different time zone. It is difficult for kids to get used to the new rhythm and daily routine.

A professional nanny will take care of the arrangement of life for the kids. She will feed the children, put them to sleep during the day, and look after them after getting up. Parents will be able to go to scheduled activities on the day they arrive for vacation.

Child safety guarantee

Relaxing on the beach can cause your baby to overheat. Swimming in the water must be supervised by an adult. Mountain hiking and skiing can also be risky activities for children: such activities are traumatic. Parents who vacation with several children are not able to look after all at once. The nanny will become an indispensable assistant in cases of outdoor activities.

She will look after the children on the beach, play with them, and control swimming in the sea or pool. Many nannies take courses in emergency medicine. The cost of services will be higher, but the guarantee of the safety of children and the peace of mind of parents come first. Parents do not need to take turns looking after the kids or constantly worry about their safety.

Organizing fun activities for kids

The function of a nanny is wider than just babysitting. Professional nannies can work with children of different ages and understand the psychology of children’s behavior. The nanny organizes children’s parties, entertains the kids with useful games, and reads books. Adults can go dancing or visit a restaurant at this time. Time spent with a qualified teacher will benefit children.

Parents chose educational tourism as their vacation

A vacation that combines entertainment and learning has been gaining popularity in recent years. Adults have the opportunity to improve many of their skills: dancing, painting, making ceramics, and learning foreign languages. Children will not be interested in spending time at such events. They will distract parents and interfere with master classes. The nanny will be able to keep the kids busy during the classes.

At what age can children be left with a nanny?

The smallest children feel completely safe when they are with their mothers. Different circumstances force parents to leave their children with other people, for example, aunts, and grandmothers. Sometimes you have to hire a nanny even for babies. There is no single correct opinion on when and for how long it is possible to leave a child with a nanny. Everything is individual here. You should listen to the needs of the baby.

The sooner you leave your child under the supervision of other people, the easier it will be for him to adapt to new faces in the future. It is recommended to use the services of a permanent nanny to which children are accustomed. You can hire a vacation nanny for children from a few months old (subject to the professionalism of the assistant).

Pros and Cons of Hiring Vacation Nanny

The life of a parent turns into a full-time job when they have children. Psychologists remind us about the danger of parental burnout. It is important to save the resource to be good moms and dads. This can be done by leaving time for rest.

Parents can relax on vacation if they give part of the childcare responsibilities to hired staff. The help of a nanny allows you to temporarily free yourself from part of parental responsibilities. Vacation babysitting services have advantages and disadvantages.


Professional nannies quickly make contact with children. They know how to select an individual approach for each baby, taking into account the age-old needs of the child. Babysitters are indispensable when it is necessary to organize interesting leisure activities, follow the schedule for feeding babies, and monitor the implementation of hygiene procedures.

Climate change often provokes temporary ailments in children. The nanny will control the medication and observe the well-being of the baby.

Experienced professionals will help young parents to remain calm in non-standard situations. This includes crises growing up at two or three years of age, potty training, etc. Many nannies speak foreign languages. Children catch new information presented in a relaxed way. This applies to learning with a nanny foreign languages, mathematics, and good manners.


The main and biggest disadvantage of hiring a vacation nanny is the cost of her services. Competent employees value their time dearly. The negative aspects of cooperation with the nanny include the fact that an outsider will always be in the family.

Sometimes children find it difficult to get used to a nanny despite her professionalism. In some cases, children become attached to the nanny so much that they move away from their parents.

Choosing the right nanny takes a lot of time. Recruitment agencies help you choose the right employee, but their services are paid. You will need to conduct a lot of interviews, check references from past places of employment, and so on when looking for a nanny on your own.

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