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Signs You Are Having A Boy

From the first days when a woman finds out about her pregnancy, one question is spinning in her head: “Boy or girl?” Disputes begin about how to name the unborn child, how to equip his room, what kind of stroller to buy, and clothes. It would be much easier for parents to know the gender of their unborn child to start preparing for his arrival.

The birth of a boy most often pleases fathers, but mothers would also like to know in advance that they will have an heir. Many women believe in various signs and test all sorts of theories, signs of the sex of the unborn child. We will acquaint you with the most popular and conditionally justified signs that a pregnant woman will have a boy.

Why do parents need to know they are having a boy?

The birth of an heir is an extremely crucial moment in the life of every father. This is a chance to find another loving man for expectant mothers. Many parents dream of having two children of different sexes. A boy will be more welcome if a girl is born first.

Waiting for a boy slightly reduces the cost of the budget. The number of wardrobes is reduced, and fewer unnecessary little things are bought. If you buy a pink stroller, then for a boy it will no longer be relevant. Mothers need to know the gender of their unborn children. This saves nerves, budget, and ridiculous situations in the hospital.

The boy requires special education, surrounded by maternal affection and paternal attention. Many people want to give the baby a name as soon as possible to start communicating with him through the stomach in advance.

What studies help to accurately determine the sex of the child?

What will be the sex of the unborn child is determined by ultrasound. This does not happen before the 19-20th week of pregnancy. There are errors in this method. Some inexperienced or inattentive doctors may mistake the umbilical cord for the boy’s genitals. Errors in determining the sex of the child are allowed in this way.

A more accurate, but expensive method is to detect fetal DNA in the mother’s blood. This method determines the presence of a Y chromosome, which confirms the male sex of the child. A blood sample is taken from a pregnant woman, from which DNA is isolated.

There are quite expensive urine tests with a special reagent. This test will give a bright color to your urine if you are pregnant with a boy. Each manufacturer has its reagent and indicator color. A more dangerous method is a biopsy of the chorionic villi. Gender is determined already at 8 – 10 weeks. The amniotic sac is pierced through the mother’s abdomen and the material is taken.

Signs that you are having a boy

We will list the most famous features of gestation, external changes in a woman, and other factors that indirectly indicate the male sex of a child. Not all of them have solid scientific justifications, but many can theoretically be justified.

Light toxicosis

A woman is less worried about nausea in the morning when carrying boys, according to general observations. Such pregnant women have occasional vomiting but there is no constant weakness and nausea during the day. A similar hypothesis was confirmed by Swedish and Danish researchers, as well as observations from the University of Washington in 2004. There are also exceptions to these rules.

Volume and location of the abdomen

It is assumed that during pregnancy as a boy, the abdomen will be more elongated and enlarged in front. Its volume is much larger than during pregnancy with a girl. This is determined rather by relative statistics, according to which the majority of girls at birth have lower body weight.

Change in taste preferences

There is a theory that if you are carrying a boy, then you will be drawn to salty, smoked, and spicy. Scientists do not find scientific confirmation of this theory and the causes of such symptoms. This is just the result of observing the habits of pregnant women.

Increased appetite

It is assumed that mothers pregnant with boys have a much higher appetite. This may be due to greater nutritional requirements and volumes of food consumed. Those women who had boys consumed 10% more calories, according to a study.

This feature may be due to the influence of the male hormone testosterone, which provokes an increase in appetite to replenish the reserves of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Hair growth

There will be a boy if a woman has thick, shiny, and fast-growing hair. This sometimes coincides with reality, but a lot depends on nutrition and vitamin intake. One can theoretically justify this feature in the fact that the hormone testosterone stimulates hair growth.


There is a statement from some experts that the color of urine during pregnancy can determine the sex of the unborn child in the first month. A boy will be born if she is a more saturated color. Urine is more alkaline during pregnancy with a male child. Such a sign of sex cannot be unambiguous because too many factors influence the color and pH of urine: drugs, diseases, vitamins, and food.

A woman becomes prettier

Many women note that some women become more beautiful during pregnancy, while others, on the contrary, worsen in appearance. A woman is more likely to bear a boy when her appearance improves. The reason for these changes is a different degree of hormonal changes during the bearing of boys and girls: the level of progesterone, and estrogen.

Heart rate

Not scientifically confirmed, but proven after childbirth that boys have a lower heart rate than girls. The heart rate of a male child is below 140 beats per minute during fetal development.

Weight gain

Women gain less excess weight according to statistical observations when carrying girls. This is due to the strong craving for high-calorie foods when carrying boys. So there will be a boy if initially a large increase in weight.

Independent ways to determine the sex of a child

You can use the famous Japanese calendar. It often shows the correct results of the relationship of the sex of the child with the age of the mother and the time of his conception.

There is another method – the determination of the table of blood groups, but the reliability of this method is doubtful. You need to look at the intersection of the blood groups of the father and mother and the probable gender of the unborn child. This table does not take into account the Rh factor. Perhaps that is why the results are often erroneous.

There is a well-known improvised method with soda. You need to pour 2 tablespoons of soda into the urine and look at the result. If the urine sizzles and foams, then you are expecting a boy. It is believed that when a boy is pregnant, the urine is more acidic. That is why there is such a reaction.

It is impossible to exclude the heightened intuition of the mother, who herself can feel who is growing inside her. Many women claim that this method is the most reliable.

Will a boy be born if there were only girls in the family?

No signs will change the plans of nature. The birth of a child is impossible to predict. Scientists believed that genetics largely determines the likelihood of a child’s sex. Now there are several rebuttals to this hypothesis.

The probability of having a boy does not change in any way if there were only girls in the family. First, children have two parents. Secondly, gender is not hereditarily transmitted and a child of any gender can be born.

It is impossible to exclude a genetically determined feature of the germ cells of a man in which he is prone to conceiving only girls. This happens extremely rarely. Sometimes this can be due to injuries received in childhood or adulthood.

At what stage of pregnancy can you understand that there will be a boy?

Some clinics claim that the sex of the child can be determined as early as 11-13 weeks of pregnancy. Clear visualization of the male genital organs of the child is not real until the 19th week of pregnancy. External sexual characteristics are fully formed at this time.

An experienced and highly qualified doctor will tell the probability of his sex determination. Perhaps the result will be affected by the location of the child, its size, the quality of the ultrasound, or other factors. It is impossible to understand the gender if the baby does not open his groin. Babies in the womb look no different.

You can determine the sex at the next ultrasound if at the 19-20th week the child did not turn to the doctor in the right direction. It is unrealistic to force a child to change position, therefore there is no exact term for determining sex.

Are there any ways to conceive a boy?

There are some chances to increase the chance of conceiving a male child solely in theory. It is recommended to have sexual intercourse directly on the day of ovulation. It is better to refrain from contact until it occurs. More active spermatozoa will hit right on target and the chance of getting pregnant with a boy is higher.

There is an unverified scientific theory that athletic, mobile and more active men are more likely to conceive boys. This may also be due to the motor activity of their spermatozoa. Many parents who are systematically involved in pregnancy try to use specific positions for conception. Such methods are poorly substantiated and do not have experimentally confirmed results.

You can use a huge number of methods: postures, time, nutrition, lunar calendars, and more. Only progressive medicine can deceive the plans of nature. Reproduction specialists can place an embryo of a certain gender in the uterus.

Does the state of the mother change when carrying a boy?

Women pregnant with boys are slightly more balanced, and calm and do not lose cognitive functions according to general observations. They can learn, think well, and do not reduce their performance.

Women who have a future heir growing inside feel much better than those who are pregnant with girls. Toxicosis is shorter and there are no severe bouts of nausea. Family members sometimes notice that pregnant women change their character. It’s not about the character, but the hormonal balance that comes during the period of complete adaptation of the body to the fetus.

Expectant mothers of sons have no breakdowns of emotions, resentment, or tearfulness. They are more tolerant of anxiety and stressful situations. This can be influenced not only by the level of male hormones but also by abundant high-calorie nutrition. It cannot be said that such statements are stable and unambiguous. It is not necessary to exclude the individual and hereditary characteristics of each woman.

Is it worth believing the signs of the sex of the unborn child?

All of the above signs for the preliminary determination of the sex of the child are not scientifically confirmed factors. Research in this area is not of high value. The scientific community would do this with great enthusiasm if knowing the sex of the child somehow affected the life and health of the mother or fetus.

All the signs that may indicate a boy in the womb are just a set of regularly repeating factors. They have been noticed for many decades. This is equivalent to predicting the weather or natural phenomena. Although there are much more chances to get to the point. Do not focus on conditional signs of the sex of the unborn child. Wait for a surprise or an ultrasound result.

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