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Positive Test in Pregnancy

A pregnancy test is a tool that allows you to determine the fact of pregnancy in the early stages. A positive test confirms successful conception. It does this by responding to the level of hCG in the urine. There are several types of tests: strip tests, tablets, inkjet, and digital.

Conventional home pregnancy tests are qualitative and not quantitative. Their accuracy is 99%. They have varying degrees of sensitivity. The use of new generation tests with a high level of sensitivity is recommended for greater reliability. They will help determine pregnancy at the earliest possible date.

When to take a pregnancy test?

A pregnancy test should be used if you have been planning to conceive for a long time, with constant attempts to get pregnant, or if you have a delay of more than 3 days. The reason for the test may be the very first signs of pregnancy. It is better to play it safe and do a test if you have never had cycle failures before, but now you do.


It is recommended to do a pregnancy test on the 10-14th day after the intended conception. It is carried out in the morning when the biomaterial is most concentrated. It is appropriate to do the test around the first day after a missed period.

There are highly sensitive tests that allow you to determine conception 1-3 days before the expected menstruation. The level of hCG rises strongly already on the 7-8th day after conception.

Positive Test in pregnancy

When is a test not needed?

It is inappropriate to use a pregnancy test immediately after unprotected sex. Such a test will not give a result. A pregnancy test is not needed if you have already done a blood test for hCG. This is a more reliable way to determine pregnancy. It is pointless to apply the usual home test after passing it. You do not need to take a pregnancy test after an abortion or miscarriage.

How do evaluate the test result?

The principle of operation of any test is based on the method of qualitative determination of the hCG hormone. Special strips are painted in rich color. Inkjet tests are more convenient. You do not need to collect urine in a special container for testing. The result of a pregnancy test can be positive, negative, false positive, false negative, and doubtful.

Positive Test

Two bright clear lines should be visible on the preparation to consider the test positive. The result of such a test must be repeated. The probability of successful conception is confirmed if it is the same.

Questionable positive test

The second strip appears more weakly sometimes when using strip tests. She is pale and not saturated. This test is considered dubious. It is better to wait a couple of days and repeat the test.

The test result is not super accurate. It is worth visiting a doctor to obtain reliable and indisputable confirmation of pregnancy.

Reasons for a false positive test

A false positive test is a result that shows the presence of pregnancy in its absence. This can happen when the test is used incorrectly, expired, or has internal disorders in the woman’s body. Many other reasons give a false result. Let’s take a closer look at the main options:


This reason is the most common. Women use the test without reading the instructions. Each of them has its characteristics of use. They are different even for those tests that have the same principle of operation.

The waiting time for the result cannot be accelerated or increased. The second strip will appear if you wait longer than the specified time. Conventional strip tests cannot be used as inkjet tests. They won’t show the correct result.

Taking medication

Make sure you didn’t take any medication the day before when taking the test. Some highly targeted drugs contain hCG or other hormones in their composition. For example, fertility drugs. They can cause an incorrect test result. Conventional medications do not affect the results of a pregnancy test in any way.

Molar Pregnancy

This pregnancy occurs as a result of genetic abnormalities at conception. The embryo does not develop, but the placental tissue grows. The egg is fertilized by one or two sperm. She lacks a maternal chromosome in this situation. Malar pregnancy is determined by ultrasound. It requires surgical intervention and control of the level of hCG. A test with such pregnancy will show a false positive result.

Why do you need a pregnancy test?

The use of a pregnancy test will allow a woman to understand the reasons for the delay and change her lifestyle in time. The expectant mother can protect herself from harmful external factors and risks that provoke miscarriages in the early stages of pregnancy, knowing that she is pregnant. These may include: taking birth control or antibiotics; virus infection; or active sports.

Modern tests allow you to more accurately determine an interesting position in the early stages. For many women who wait a long time to conceive, it is extremely important to know that everything is in order. A pregnancy test serves as the best assistant in this matter.

The test will help to understand the reason why it is not possible to visit a doctor and the delay menstruation is delayed. It will be clear that there are serious problems with the internal genital organs with a negative result.

How to do a pregnancy test

It is not necessary to choose the most expensive brands for a pregnancy test to show the correct result. It is much more effective to carefully read the instructions for this tool and strictly follow them. Each of the tests has its principle of operation, timing, and features of use. Consider the basic rules for using a pregnancy test:

Choose the right day

The day of using the test is chosen depending on the level of its sensitivity. Ultra-sensitive models can detect pregnancy as early as 7-8 days after conception. This type of test allows you to respond to an hCG concentration of 10 mIU / ml. Most of the tests are recommended to be carried out no earlier than the 14th day after conception. Doing such tests before the delay does not make sense.

Use as directed and for instructions

Stream tests require the use of a container to dip the strip vertically. This container must be clean and dry. This test is not used under the stream of urine. The contact time with the biomaterial is too short. The jet test should not be immersed in urine. His results will not be correct. Remove the protective cap, place the tester under a stream of urine for 10 seconds, and evaluate the result after 3-5 minutes.

Testing time

The duration of waiting for the test result is indicated in the user manual. Never exceed this time. Most often it reaches 10 minutes maximum. The result may be falsely positive if the test is overdone. A second bar will appear. With prolonged contact with a substance that reacts to hCG with urine, it is slightly stained.


It is advisable to consult a doctor if you have already taken several pregnancy tests and received a positive result. It is especially worth hurrying for women with a negative Rh, those who have previously had miscarriages or have obvious symptoms of pregnancy.

Do not delay a visit to the doctor if the delay is more than 10 days and there is scant bleeding that does not look like a period. Especially if the test showed a positive result.

What Not to Do

It is better to immediately take all necessary measures to preserve the fetus with a positive pregnancy test. You should not continue your usual active lifestyle. You need to think about your current situation and weigh all the possible risks for the development of the baby. What is better not to do with a positive pregnancy test:

Do not take alcohol and nicotine

It is recommended to immediately abandon bad habits. They can adversely affect the initial development of the child. It is better to play it safe even if the doctor has not yet confirmed the fact of pregnancy.

Don’t rely on a single result

It is better to do 2-3 tests of different brands for testing purity. This will guarantee a confirmed result. It is better to do them with an interval of at least one day.

Do not delay the visit to the doctor

It is better to contact a specialist as soon as possible to avoid possible problems with bearing and undergo all the necessary examinations. Some may need hospitalization to maintain a pregnancy.

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