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12 Weeks Pregnant

12th embryonic or 14th obstetric week on the pregnancy calendar. Behind the first trimester. A third of the entire gestation path has been completed. The most difficult period of embryonic development of the fetus has passed. There is no threat to bearing and the most vulnerable period is over.

The second trimester will last from fetal weeks 12 to 24. The main organs and systems of the fetus are formed. The appearance of a pregnant woman is changing more and more and it is already difficult to hide her condition.

Now the main task of a pregnant woman is to enjoy her position, take great care of her health, and eat well. It’s time to start preparing for future motherhood. Pleasant purchases and worries will help you tune in to the happy role of a young mother.

12 Weeks Baby Development

The risk of miscarriage is significantly reduced at the beginning of the 2nd trimester. The future baby has grown significantly and got stronger. Many internal organs function and the heartbeats and limbs move. The viability of the fetus is very high and there is no cause for concern.

Growth and development at this stage will not stop, but rather will gain momentum until childbirth. A growing organism requires a lot of nutrients and free access to oxygen.

It's The Size of Apricot

It is believed that the size of the fetus at the beginning of the second trimester is commensurate with a large apricot.

The uterus is also enlarged so that there is room for the further growth of the baby.

12 Week size

How Heavy is it? 0.5 oz or 15 gr

The total weight of the fetus has doubled since last week. Now it is 15 grams or 1/2 ounce.

Mass gain is uneven and different for each pregnant woman.

test image 3

Your Baby is 2.25 inch or 6 cm

The future baby also almost doubled in length. This parameter at week 12 is 6 cm or just above 2 inches.

The baby is already clearly visible on ultrasound.

Lenght week 12

All systems and internal organs of the unborn child are formed by the beginning of the 12th week of pregnancy. The fetus approaches the habitual appearance of a baby every day of its development. All parts of the body are developed and well visualized on ultrasound. Clear lines between the head, torso, and limbs are visible.

All the familiar features of the face appear. The fetus has fingers, feet, ears, and eyes. There is no doubt that a new person is growing and developing inside the woman’s body. His heart is beating and all life support systems are almost fully functional.

If you look at the results of the first screening and its photo, it is impossible not to call what you see a fetus. It’s a human! Very small, defenseless, vulnerable, but human.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the developments:

Head and faceThe proportions of the body at the 12th week are not yet harmonious. The head is much larger than the body. The limbs are pressed to the chest. Eyes covered with eyelids and cilia and fluffy hairs appeared in the eyebrow area.

IntestinesThe digestive organs complete the stage of their development. The intestine is elongated and takes its correct position in the abdominal cavity. The rectum appeared and peristalsis began to work.

Excretory systemFormed and developed kidneys and liver. They start to function. Their work is based on the intrauterine existence of the fetus and its needs. The liver produces bile and the kidneys produce urine.

Endocrine systemThe endocrine system at the 12th week reaches a good level of development. Endocrine glands develop. The pituitary gland is formed in the brain, which contributes to the work of the endocrine system. The thyroid gland is already functioning, producing all the necessary hormones.

Reproductive systemThe reproductive system matures. The ovaries and prostate gland are formed. There are already sex cells and external sexual characteristics are almost visible. Very soon it will be possible to determine the sex of the child.

Heart and circulatory systemThe circulatory system is well developed. Red blood cells are formed in the blood and leukocytes appear. The four-chambered heart pumps blood and emits 140-160 beats per minute.

12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

It is difficult to predict what symptoms a woman will have during pregnancy. Some have already ended the manifestations of toxicosis by the 12th week, while others have not yet begun.

Pregnancy symptoms are highly individual. It depends on genetics, predisposition, and general preparedness of a woman forbearing. The set of symptoms and their intensity can vary significantly from woman to woman.

Morning sickness Morning sickness persists at this time. A woman almost immediately feels unwell after waking up. Sometimes nausea ends with vomiting, after which there is some relief.

It is worth not allowing the feeling of hunger to fight bouts of nausea. Carry snacks with you: nuts, dried fruits, crackers. Mints and chewing gums help.

Dizziness Strong blood flow to the brain often provokes dizziness. A woman can lose her balance with a sharp turn of her head, tilts, or other careless movements.
If possible, do not be alone during dizziness. Stop, sit down and drink some water. Be careful and attentive, as dizziness can catch at any moment.

Headaches The nature of headaches during the gestation period can be different. Sometimes these are aching pains that do not go away during the day. There are pressing pains, similar to how pressure manifests itself.

There are sharp pains like with the flu. Pressure problems are more common in women who are prone to these symptoms.

Fatigue It is not always possible to make up for the bearing costs in time. The energy that a pregnant woman expends must be restored during the day. This requires good rest and better sleep, otherwise, overwork is inevitable.

Pregnant women always get tired very quickly. The habitual activity becomes unbearable. It is already difficult to quickly and efficiently perform previously simple tasks. Fatigue slows down the work of the brain and the activity of a woman.

Bloating and gas The work of the digestive tract is disrupted at 12 weeks. The release of hormones destabilizes the work of peristalsis. The level of formation of gases increases. There is bloating, an increase in the abdomen, and discomfort in the intestines.

Strong gas formation must be removed with special preparations and decoctions of herbs. An increased concentration of gases can adversely affect the development of the fetus.

Frequent urination The uterus is already significantly enlarged and presses on the bladder. This provokes frequent urination. A woman goes to the toilet almost every 15-20 minutes. Especially if she drinks a lot of water.

Frequent urination should in no case be accompanied by pain and burning. This is a symptom of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Any set of symptoms during pregnancy should not deviate from the normal range. Abnormal signs should immediately alert the expectant mother. Bad symptoms include severe pain in the abdomen, bleeding, profuse and incessant vomiting.

The constant control of the doctor allows you to carry out all the necessary examinations and take tests. A conclusion will be made about the development of the fetus and possible threats based on their results. It is especially important to conduct additional tests for symptoms outside the normal range.

“Be very careful with yourself. The state of health of a woman during pregnancy should be normal.”

12 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound


The first mandatory screening is carried out at the 12th week of pregnancy.

Now the fetus has grown enough to be able to view all parts of its body, evaluate the development and obtain available data.

12 week pregnancy ultrasound

Precise ultrasonic details

Condition and tone of the uterus

The state of the epithelium of the uterus, the place of attachment of the fetus, blood flow, and tone is assessed. Its dimensions are 12 cm long and 9 cm wide.

The location of the placenta and the condition of the amniotic fluid

Placenta previa can last up to 18 weeks. Amniotic fluid should not be cloudy.

Heartbeat and fetal movement

You can hear the baby’s heartbeat. The normal heart rate is 140-160 beats per minute. The kid reflexively clenches his fist, unbends, and bends his limbs.

It is not worth reacting negatively to any conclusion on ultrasound. Sometimes you may hear from your doctor about the developmental delay, placenta previa, uterine tone, blood flow problems, or lack of oxygen. All these are not the most terrible and sometimes erroneous diagnoses.

It is necessary to undergo more than one examination and pass more than one analysis to compile a complete picture of the course of pregnancy. Do not rush to get upset. Most of the preliminary diagnoses of doctors are their way of playing it safe. They are usually removed at subsequent stages of pregnancy.

Your Body

Gradually, the body adapts to the new position. The body is prepared for the active growth of the abdomen, the displacement of the viscera, and the heavy load on the circulatory system. A woman’s heart works for two. There is a colossal load on all organs and systems of a woman.

The body of a pregnant woman is changing before our eyes. The stomach appears because the size of the uterus is becoming larger. Sometimes the shape of the navel changes and a specific stripe appears towards the pubis.

The woman’s breasts are now noticeably enlarged. The usual underwear no longer fits. Its appearance also changes the shape, hardness, and color of the nipples. Changes in skin condition appear as pigmentation, acne, and black dots.

Pregnant women notice a large amount of vellus hair on the body. This is very noticeable on the face, arms, back, and stomach. Varicose veins appear if there is a predisposition to vascular diseases.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The uterus has significantly increased in size. They can be 10–12 cm. This changes the location of the reproductive organ. It no longer fits in the pelvic area and begins to gradually rise closer to the abdominal cavity. Outwardly, it is noticeable so far only to a pregnant woman.

The abdomen begins to thicken in the upper part and smoothly flow into the lower. The waist increases slightly in width and the hips become wider. The woman’s health condition is very good, provided that toxicosis is over. Feeling better and positivity appears.

General health indicators are monitored by a doctor. You will always have your blood pressure measured, listen to your pulse, and monitor the fetal heartbeat. There will be weighings all the time to keep a diary of weight gain. There should be no symptoms such as bleeding and severe abdominal pain.

12 Weeks is How Many Months?

12 weeks from the moment of conception corresponds to 14 weeks from the last menstruation. Now 3 months have passed by the embryonic period. From the moment a fertilized egg is born. There is a beginning of the 2nd trimester and the development of the fetus does not stop for a minute.

You can guess the date of future births according to the pregnancy calendar maintained by the doctor. You can also keep a report yourself using special applications and starting from the results of the ultrasound.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

When a pregnant woman is registered in a consultation, she is immediately given a list of recommendations for examination. She also receives oral advice from a doctor. These are the first conditions that a woman must adhere to.

There will be a lot of advice for pregnant women. All of them need to be able to sort and filter.

Some of our tips and tricks:

Keep calmA positive attitude and calmness are very important in the process of gestation. There is a process of laying the internal organs, which can be seriously disturbed by stress. Take care of your nerves and do not worry about trifles.

Don’t cut meat out – It is better not to practice vegetarianism. Pregnant women need a lot of protein. It is difficult to fully obtain it from plant foods. There is a high risk of developing iron-deficiency anemia without eating meat.

Forget bad habitsIt’s not just about alcohol, smoking, and drugs. You need to stop visiting fast food establishments, you need to go to bed on time, and stop leading a motionless lifestyle. It is not recommended to skip meals, replacing them with eating confectionery.

Buy a pregnancy pillowPillow for pregnant women will give you a feeling of calm during sleep, even though the stomach is still very small. You can protect yourself from your husband with it so that he does not accidentally hurt you. This will be a security guarantee.

More walksHiking in the fresh air well accelerates the blood and enriches it with oxygen. There is a moderate load on the back and limbs. Fresh air and nature help with toxicosis.

Change shoesWe recommend that you change your shoes to more comfortable ones for the sake of the health of your feet and blood vessels. The best option is running shoes. They never go out of style and do not burden the foot. Remove heels, narrow and low-quality leatherette shoes.

This is just a small list of what to do during early pregnancy. Equally important is the preservation of psychological well-being. Maintain a friendly and peaceful atmosphere at home and work. Stay away from anxious and depressed people. Your well-being directly affects the child.

Try to be on an informational diet. A lot is going on in the world, but you can’t be too empathic right now.

Important Checklist

  • Buy a pillow for pregnant women
  • Eat fractionally and fully
  • Follow an informational diet
  • Try to meditate and calm down
  • Do not react to the doctor’s preliminary diagnoses
  • Change your shoes for more comfortable ones
  • Lubricate the body with cocoa buttercream

A pregnant woman is always very vulnerable to all external factors and irritants. It is better to inform your loved ones about your situation if there are no fundamental reasons to hide it. It will be easier for them to perceive whims, mood swings, taste preferences, and a new look for a pregnant woman.

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