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38 Weeks Pregnant

A child can be born at any moment. Be prepared for this and do not rely on the date of birth. Watch closely for new symptoms and warning signs. All organs and systems of the child are fully formed and functioning. The child will signal as soon as he is ready.

A woman at the 38th embryonic week begins to experience many symptoms and harbingers of childbirth. The stomach may drop, and the stools become more frequent and weaken. Often there are false contractions that are easy to confuse with real ones. The body of the mother and child is now focused on preparing for childbirth.

38 Weeks Baby Development

Almost nothing has changed since the end of the 37th week. The remaining tasks of the fetus at the 38th week are to gain weight and grow a little. The growth of subcutaneous fat continues. All parts of the body are commensurately enlarged and rounded. The vitality of the baby is high and at any moment he can begin to move along the birth canal.

It's The Size of Honey Melon

The baby is comparable in size to a honey melon at 38 weeks. He has grown significantly since conception.

The space in the womb is getting smaller. The size of the uterus increases with the growth of the fetus.

Honey melon

How Heavy is it? 6.75 Lb or 3.1 Kg

Weight has increased by almost 10% since last week. Now the body weight is 3 kg 100 grams or 6.75 pounds.

The weight of the newborn will be approximately 3.5 kg at the time of birth, subject to growth rates.

test image 3

Your Baby is 19.5 inch or 49 cm

The length of the baby’s body from the crown to the heels at the 38th week is 49 cm or 19.5 inches.

The increase in growth has been stable for several months now. The baby will be approximately 53 cm long or 20.2 inches in 3 weeks.

Lenght week 38

The baby is fully formed at 38 weeks. It meets all the standards characteristic of a newborn. Appearance is harmonious. The body grows in compliance with all proportions. The right size head. It is covered with small or already quite long hair.

The baby’s body now retains maximum flexibility. This is necessary for the difficult passage of the birth canal. The bones of the skull are soft and will only get stronger sometime after birth.

All facial features of the baby are decorated: eyes, mouth, nose, forehead, and chin. All organs and systems function. The final stages of preparation of the nervous, digestive and respiratory systems are being completed. A sufficient layer of subcutaneous fat has been recruited. The baby is fully prepared for extra uterine life.

Moments of fetal development:

Skull bonesThe skull box has grown. The bones still retain their softness. This is necessary so that the baby does not cause severe injury to himself and the mother while passing through the birth canal. The fusion will happen much later.

SkinA sufficient amount of fatty tissue has accumulated. The skin is not red, without wrinkles and folds all over the body. The shade is natural and healthy. The hairline (lanugo) is gone. Transparency also disappeared due to a layer of fat.

GenitalsThe genitals have already formed by the 38th week. The boys’ testicles dropped. The girls closed the genital gap. The labia minora are now covered by the large ones.

LungsAlveoli formed in the lungs. They are coated with a surfactant which will continue to be produced until childbirth. It is already quite enough for the lungs to expand and begin to breathe after childbirth.

PlacentaThe placenta gradually begins to age by the 38th week. The previously existing plethora is lost. Calcifications form in the tissues and the thickness of the walls of the placenta becomes thinner. This sometimes leads to slower fetal growth and early delivery.

Amniotic fluidThe amount of amniotic fluid is purposefully reduced. Volume reserves are acceptable so that the baby stays inside the mother for another couple of weeks. The fluid should normally be clean and clear.

38 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The “nesting” syndrome is still clearly manifested. A woman constantly wants to change, improve, and transform something. She becomes more economic and preoccupied with life and household chores. Sometimes the desire to improve everything around goes beyond normality.

Emotional symptoms include anxiety. It is greatly enhanced by the time of childbirth. A pregnant woman is very worried about everything that is connected with the preparation for childbirth. Sleep is often lost. Conversations are reduced only to what concerns the upcoming event.

Swollen feet and ankles Excess fluid in the body of the expectant mother will persist until the very birth. Puffiness will pass after the immediate birth of the baby. The swelling of the ankles and feet persists at 38 weeks.

Edema is worse in hot weather and after a long walk. Avoid wearing tight shoes and clothing. This may increase swelling. Regulate your water and salt intake.

Vaginal discharge The nature of the discharge in the last month of pregnancy may be different. Normal vaginal discharge will be mucous, formed, not abundant, moderately yellow, or white. Brown or light gray discharge is not normal. It is also bad if there are blood stains on the linen.

Sometimes water leaks not with a strong stream, but with a moderate one. Any liquid discharge can be a reason to go to the hospital.

Stress Many sensitive women experience stress in the lead-up to childbirth. This is especially true for those who give birth for the first time. A lot of new and unknown before always causes unnecessary fear. Increased anxiety can also occur due to an excess of hormones.

Try to follow the routine preparation for childbirth. Let everything go measuredly and in advance. This will greatly reduce the stress of the situation.

Pregnancy dreams Women very often begin to have dreams about pregnancy and childbirth in the third trimester. Often they are nightmarish or unpleasant. This significantly affects the quality of sleep, its duration, and stability.

Women in a position see how the birth goes and sometimes even feel the upcoming pain. They dream about how they feed the baby, bathe him or swaddle. You may have strange dreams about the birth of a kitten or other animal. This is all the result of the violent fantasy of an anxious mother in position.

Itchy belly This is a very annoying and extremely unpleasant symptom. There is a strong itching in the abdomen, which is difficult to relieve with a simple scratching. It looks like someone is crawling under the skin.

Some women scratch their bellies so that red spots remain. The cause of itching of the skin can be a strong tension of the skin.

Backache Unpleasant and even severe back pain can occur for various reasons. One of which is a strong load on the spine and its deflection in the lumbar region.

This symptom at the 38th week may be a harbinger of childbirth. Sometimes the ligaments in the uterus are pulled and tightened to such an extent that the pain is felt in the pelvis, back, or side. Dealing with back pain is difficult. Prevention or light exercise can help.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

A woman may show excessive fussiness in addition to all of the above symptoms. She can sometimes go to the hospital several times, assuming that labor is already beginning. Some have a strong appetite, which is most likely related to stress.

It is better to be more attentive to yourself in the last month of pregnancy. It is necessary to monitor the symptoms, constantly be in touch with the doctor, and keep relatives and friends ready.

“It is worth gaining maximum positive and going to the hospital with a smile if the process of giving birth to a baby has begun. This will help you and the baby.”

38 Weeks Pregnant 3D Image

Ultrasound is no longer prescribed at this time. The exception is the situation of planned hospitalization and the upcoming C-section. For example, if a woman was previously placed in storage. Then all the necessary examinations are carried out right in the hospital. 3D ultrasound may be ordered if the conventional method does not cope with the task.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 68-78mm,

Humerus 60-70mm,

Forearm bones 52-60mm,

The lower leg bones 60-68mm.

Assessment of the structure and maturity of the placenta

The placenta can weigh approximately 300-650 grams at 38 weeks. Degree of maturity: first, second or third. The thickness can reach up to 30 mm, but thinning is already underway. Cysts and calcifications appear in the structure of the placenta.

3D Image

Ultrasound control can be prescribed without hospitalization if a woman complains of some symptoms. A pregnant woman at 9 months is most often worried about the reduced activity of the fetus.

Many women perform a 3D ultrasound to get a three-dimensional photo of their unborn baby. There is also a 3D video recording. This will be a great addition to the family archive.

38 week pregnancy ultrasound

The results of the ultrasound may upset or frighten you. Do not worry too much because many problems are amenable to medical or surgical treatment. Only love and care for the unborn baby depends on you.

Your Body

A pregnant woman can gain 15 – 20kg by the 9th month. A woman in a position can gain only 10kg while observing nutritional standards and maintaining mobility. It will be great both for her well-being and for the health of the baby. The limbs of the expectant mother are now highly susceptible to fluid stagnation. There is swelling in the feet and ankles. Fingers and face often swell.

The spine experiences a strong load under which it can noticeably bend. The posture of a pregnant woman is changing. She becomes more stooped. There is a shift in the center of gravity that is reflected in the gait.

The skin of the body can be covered with small and large stretch marks. It all depends on how dramatically the body weight was increased and what volumes the stomach reached. Scars are localized most often in the chest, thighs, and abdomen.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The circumference of a woman’s abdomen by the 38th week of pregnancy can be in the range of 92–98 cm. These data can be considered normal with an initial standard build. Abdominal growth rates can be significantly lower than those indicated if the woman has always been thin.

The abdomen may already sink in the 9th month. Some doctors recommend wearing a supportive corset that helps reduce stress on the back and pelvic bones. A woman may feel some relief and improvement in well-being. It becomes easier for her to breathe, and heartburn and shortness of breath disappear.

General health should be good. There are no negative symptoms in the later stages of a successful pregnancy. There is emotional instability and a tendency to anxiety. There is a risk of viral and infectious diseases. It is associated with reduced immunity.

38 Weeks is How Many Months?

Already 9 months and 2 weeks since conception. This corresponds to the 38th embryonic week. Now it is already the 40th week from the date of the first day of the last menstruation if we talk about the obstetric period. And this is already 10 obstetric months.

The duration of pregnancy is approximately 280 obstetric days. Such calculations may not be true. Often there is gestation until the 38th or 42nd week.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

All advice can be directed to preparing for childbirth if your baby is not going out yet. Now there is an active registration of all necessary documents for the maternity hospital. It is better to do all this in advance, thereby reducing the degree of excitement.

Key tips for expectant mothers:

Get plenty of restChildbirth is a complex and traumatic process. It requires a lot of effort and energy. Prepare reserves of patience and get plenty of rest. You have a tough job ahead of you.

Do breathing exercisesTrain your breathing technique, it will help you during contractions and attempts. Prepare for natural childbirth in advance. The daily repetition of breathing exercises will keep you calm and give you confidence.

Check the contents of the bag against the listIt is better to form a list based on your personal needs. Be sure to conduct a control check to see if everything is in your bag for the maternity hospital. Complete the content if needed.

Write instructions for your husbandOrganizational issues must be decided in advance. Write instructions for your husband for the period of your stay in the hospital. It should include the most important actions that will help the husband navigate.

Choose partnership birthsIt is always better to have a reliable and faithful assistant nearby. Ask your mother, sister, or girlfriend about this if the husband is against the partnership in childbirth. You can hire a doula if possible.

Don’t be aloneTry not to be alone in the 9th month if you are not confident in your abilities. Childbirth can begin at any time. Let the husband postpone long trips and be always there.

Prepare HelpersArrange in advance that someone close to you will help you in the first month. The newborn will be extremely demanding and you will need plenty of rest to conserve milk.


Try to prepare yourself mentally for the fact that your life will change a lot. A small child will take all your time. There won’t be a free window for several more years. Ahead of sleepless nights with colic, mountains of dirty diapers, and constant chores. This should not scare you, but it is better to know from the beginning that it will be difficult.

Important Checklist

  • Save up strength for childbirth
  • Do not overeat at night
  • Maintain hygiene regularly
  • Recheck the maternity hospital bag
  • Buy a breast pump for the maternity hospital
  • Wear a bandage when lowering the abdomen

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends. You need support now more than ever. You can leave an older child with a grandmother and a pet with neighbors or friends. Solve all organizational issues before childbirth.

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