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4 Weeks Pregnant

The first month of pregnancy has come. This is 4 embryonic week or 6 obstetric. The symptoms of pregnancy at this time are already clearly felt and its obvious signs can be traced. The woman observes the absence of menstruation, she has already taken the test and most likely was at the doctor’s office.

A small number of pregnancies are asymptomatic. Women in the first month begin to observe many changes in their bodies that are difficult to ignore. The embryo will begin to grow at a high rate from this point on. Organs, tissues, and all systems will be formed.

4 Weeks of Baby Development

The embryo at 4 weeks is still very small but begins to develop at an amazing rate. Cell division does not stop and organogenesis proceeds with unrealistic intensity. The development of the unborn child is moving forward at an unprecedented pace.

It is still difficult to assess the specific parameters of the embryo. It’s still too small. Certain data are confirming the progress in growth:

What Size is it?

The embryo at 4 weeks is comparable in size to a poppy seed. This is a very small, almost imperceptible but already living organism.

It is actively growing and progressing in development.

Poppy seed

How Heavy is it?

There is no exact data on the weight of the embryo at this time. He is still too small.

Its weight does not reach the mark of 1 gram. Growth is taking its course and soon it will be possible to calculate the weight of the future baby in kg.

test image 3

Your Baby is
Super Tiny

The parameters of the embryo at this time are difficult to assess. It does not even reach 0.3–0.4 mm in diameter.

Such dimensions are difficult to capture on ultrasound and measure with accuracy.

3 week of pregnancy lenght

All the main organs and systems of the future person are laid at 4 weeks. The nervous, cardiovascular, and genitourinary systems are formed. There is a bookmark of the digestive tract and lungs. The heart, the future skeleton is formed, and the rudiments of the limbs begin to appear.

The embryo does not yet outwardly resemble a human, but rather resembles an amphibian. Intensively grow blood vessels in the umbilical cord. They help nourish the embryo with oxygen and nutrients.

Still faintly visible, but seals and tubercles are already appearing, which are the rudiments of future limbs. It is too early to call this organism a fetus, but soon parents will see a real person on an ultrasound examination. Mom at this moment will not have a noticeable belly yet.

It is still difficult to assess the development of specific parts and organs of the body. One can only trace some of the beginnings of their growth and transformation:

HeartThe most significant and significant moment of the 4th week of pregnancy is the transformation of the heart tube into the heart. Soon it will start to shrink. Not far off is the moment when parents will be able to hear the heartbeat of their baby.

HeadThe embryo looks a little like a human. Some parts of the body are delineated. The head is slightly elongated and not of a typical shape. The places for the development of the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose are already outlined.

EyesEye sockets can already be seen on the head. Specific blisters are visible on the sides of the head, which later transform into eyeballs.

Arms and legsIt is too early to talk about the presence of hands, feet, and fingers. The places of the future formation of limbs on the embryo are visible. They are represented by tubercles, which then gradually grow and become legs and arms.

Brain and spinal cordThe brain and spinal cord continue to develop. The state of the entire nervous system depends on the proper development of these organs. That is why mothers are prescribed folic acid without fail.

The umbilical cord and placentaThese vital extra-embryonic organs provide protection and nutrition for the unborn fetus. The umbilical cord is already quite well developed and rich in blood vessels. It nourishes the embryo with oxygen. The placenta has not yet fully formed, but the process does not stop.

4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Women already strongly feel the changes in their body. There is a significant restructuring of all organs and systems. The heart works actively and the blood is intensively distilled through the vessels.

The hormonal system is under extreme stress. Intensively produced estrogen, progesterone, and hCG. This affects the general well-being of a woman, the appearance of some symptoms, and minor external changes.

Among the main and most distinct symptoms and signs of the 4th week of pregnancy are:

Positive Test There are many different highly sensitive tests in pharmacies that allow you to make a preliminary pregnancy test. When a woman is in anticipation of this event, she can apply tests to determine conception before a missed period.

Tests in most cases are used after a few days of delay in menstruation. The results may be false negative. It is recommended to use several tests from different companies to confirm the result. You can see a doctor after several positive tests.

Mood swings There are sharp mood swings and emotional instability in the first months of pregnancy. A woman may burst into tears at the slightest provocation. A little time will pass and she is already in high spirits.

Such emotional “swings” are due to the hormonal cocktail that is now mixed in her body. The situation will stabilize over time.

Light cramps Convulsions often occur in the evening and at night. This symptom is not as common as the others. Sometimes there are minor cramps in addition to pulling pains in the legs.

Limbs reduce, they spasm and cause discomfort to a woman. You can fight this symptom with a light massage and rest. This phenomenon is short-lived and infrequent.

Nausea The first symptoms of toxicosis begin to appear at 4 weeks of pregnancy. A woman may feel nauseous in the morning and during periods of hunger. Nausea is not always accompanied by vomiting.

Unpleasant sensations arise after subjectively perceived odors. It is they who provoke gag reflexes. It is worth choosing an acceptable snack for yourself to slightly reduce the manifestation of nausea. You can use mint or menthol lozenges.

Bleeding This symptom is usually not observed in the successful course of pregnancy. Normally, there may be slight bleeding associated with the implantation of the embryo.

These secretions will not be intense and prolonged. You should immediately consult a doctor in case of bleeding. This could be a threat of miscarriage.

Dizziness Increased fatigue, weakness, and dizziness are felt at 4 weeks. Any sudden and careless movements of a woman can provoke a semi-fainting. The rush of blood to the brain increases in this position and the weakness of the vessels can provoke bad consequences.

Stay calm and drink plenty of fluids during pregnancy. This will allow you to keep your balance, especially in hot weather.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Some pregnancy symptoms are often unbearable for women. It should be understood that these manifestations are temporary and they will not accompany you throughout your pregnancy.

The negative connotation of the manifestations of pregnancy is associated with the colossal restructuring of the entire body of a woman. Be prepared for the fact that the symptoms can sometimes be delayed. More vivid manifestations occur with multiple pregnancy or Rhesus conflict.

“All the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy are temporary. Their appearance suggests that everything is going according to plan.”

4 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound or 3d

Ultrasound at the 4th week is not prescribed without good reason. An ultrasound examination will normally be scheduled somewhere around 12-14 weeks and further according to the plan. An examination may be ordered earlier if there are bad symptoms or multiple pregnancy is suspected.

The examination will not yet be able to give specific details regarding the development of the embryo. It makes sense to study to exclude any pathologies.


  • Presence of one or more fertilized eggs
  • Exclude the presence of ectopic pregnancy
  • Assess the condition of the endometrium
  • Assess the condition of the vessels of the pelvic organs
  • Rule out uterine pathology

More accurate and detailed details of the ultrasound examination can be expected later in pregnancy. You can only confirm the fact of your position.

4 week pregnancy ultrasound

Doctors in the first month try not to interfere in the process. This precaution is due to the fragility and vulnerability of the process.

Unnecessary interventions in the process can adversely affect the development of the fetus. This examination should not be abused despite the proven safety of ultrasound.  The same applies to examination on the gynecological chair. Experienced doctors will never insist on such a procedure unnecessarily during the period of bearing a child.

Your Body

Women in the first month of pregnancy notice some changes in well-being and body. The mammary glands swell noticeably. The breast increases in size and becomes sensitive. The usual size of underwear is already cramped and the woman begins to gradually change her wardrobe.

The chest changes in appearance. The nipples become a little coarser and the areolas become noticeably darker. Age spots may appear on the body of a woman. Most often they form on the face, but can also be on the body.

Sometimes there may be swelling of the extremities. A woman may notice how her fingers are swollen after a walk.

Belly size & Health Conditions

Many mothers start photographing their belly from the first month of pregnancy. It practically does not change externally. You can only notice slight compaction. The embryo is just beginning its confident and active growth, therefore, the uterus does not change much in size yet.

Some increases in the abdomen can be observed solely due to increased gas formation. The general state of health of the woman should be quite satisfactory. Even negative symptoms are normal. Mild weakness, drowsiness, increased fatigue, and malaise is quite acceptable at 4 months of pregnancy.

A woman may experience constant nausea and vomiting may occur. There should be no bleeding or severe and unbearable pain in the abdomen. These symptoms immediately indicate abnormalities and you should immediately consult a doctor. Any symptoms that cause you concern should be immediately discussed with your gynecologist.

4 Weeks is How Many Months?

The fourth embryonic week of pregnancy is 1 month. This period keeps its record from the moment of conception. Now we are already 6 weeks pregnant if we talk about the obstetric period.

Doctors will most often have in mind exactly the obstetric terms when talking about the terms of your pregnancy. The miscalculation of the expected childbirth will be carried out by them.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

The first month of pregnancy is already a significant period in which you should think about the seriousness of your situation. Stock up on all the necessary literature. Attend courses for expectant mothers if desired and possible. Enjoy your current position.

Here are some tips and tricks for new moms:

Do not attend mass events –Mass gatherings of people should be avoided to exclude viral diseases. Limit contact with young children. They are the main source of cytomegalovirus and herpes virus.

Be careful with pets – Give your pets to the care of parents or close friends if possible. Animals can be a source of toxoplasmosis, which is extremely dangerous for pregnant women. Wash your hands frequently and keep your home clean.

Change your diet – Nutrition should be intuitive but not without rationality. You must understand that the baby needs a complete diet. A large number of vegetables and fruits should become an integral part of your table.

Introduce regular outdoor walks – Oxygen favorably affects the general condition of any person. Fresh air and active walks will help fight the onset of toxicosis. You will feel much better for yourself.

Healthy snacks – Dried fruits, nuts, and biscuits should always be in your pocket. The process of chewing removes nausea and soothes. Get menthol candies and eat citrus fruits.

Vitamins and folic acid – Folic acid is prescribed by doctors without fail. The first months it should be taken by every woman. Vitamins are desirable for every pregnant woman. It is better to choose high-quality and organic vitamin complexes that the doctor will advise.

You must always remember that all your sensations are sensations of the child. He will experience stress, fear, anxiety, and anxiety just like you. So take care of your emotional well-being. Your diet and lifestyle directly affect the development of your unborn child. Take care of yourself and take care of two at once. You will never be alone in the coming months.

Important Checklist

  • Be patient, toxicosis is ahead
  • Use all the tips to improve well-being
  • Always be in touch with your doctor
  • Eat only fresh and wholesome food
  • Eliminate smoking and alcohol
  • Start monitoring your baby’s growth and development

The first month of your pregnancy has already arrived. Then the baby will develop very quickly. Soon you will see him on the ultrasound and hear the first heartbeat. These emotions cannot be described in words. Every woman dreams of such happiness.

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